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Are Hermes Bags Worth The Money? – 5 Reasons Why They Are

Hermes bags are considered to be the finest hand-crafted bags ever to be made. They are made from the finest premium-quality materials and it’s because of that fine craftsmanship that they are rivaling Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and Cartier.

They are very highly thought in the handbag industry, having been made out of the finest and softest leather.

Every single Hermes handbag is carefully made, handcrafted, hand polished, and, hand stitched, in order to preserve years of tradition.

So for those reasons, we are going to tell you why Hermes Bags are worth the money.

1. Tradition

Every single piece that is being produced at Les Ateliers Herms, in France, is being carefully crafted. Anything from women’s and men’s fashion, to jewelry, handbags, shoes, watches, everything is being made by skilled professionals. This means that you are buying top quality products that are going through rigorous quality controls from the first to the last step of the making.  When you are buying a Hermes bag, you are buying into years of tradition.

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2. Premium Quality

Unlike most companies making similar products, Hermes is a family-owned company and doesn’t resort to using machines only for their products. Each belt, bag, watch, jewelry, etc, is being careful made out of the best possible materials. Premium Quality is something that you are buying when buying Hermes bags. Hermes artisans pay close attention to each piece, and they pay close attention to each of the steps in the process.

3. Hermes is Expensive

Hermes bags are one of the most expensive bags on the market. It’s because of its price that many fake Hermes bags exist. But there are many ways to find Hermes authentication in their products. Since Herms does everything by hand, it is very hard for others to replicate the same quality that Hermes artisans deliver. Hermes Birkin bags can cost anything from $9.000 to $150.000. Want to know something very interesting? With time, Hermes bags only increase in value, and some bags that are currently being re-sold can cost up to $255.000. A Hermes bag is authentic, many want it, and it will always maintain a high price on the market.

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4. Celebrity Status

Hermes doesn’t care who they sell their bags to. As a matter of fact, even the founder of the Hermes Birkin bag herself has to pay the full price of the bag in order to obtain it. While many celebrities desire a Hermes bag, belt, or even jewelry, they still have to pay the full price. Hermes doesn’t give away free merchandise because they are too valuable to just give away for free. Even the first lady of the United States has to open her checkbook.

5. Hermes is an Investment

Each item you buy from Hermes will come in protective packaging as well as validation that it’s genuine. Trends tend to change as time goes on, but only Hermes remains a trend that will last forever.  Hermes doesn’t change their prices because of the sudden change in trends, like Chanel and Louis Vuitton, which bags you can find here. Hermes will not lower their prices and see all that effort from their artisans go to waste. When buying a Hermes bag, you are investing in their timeless product that will never lose price, it will never lose quality, and it will last you forever.

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