Anna Vakili Was Quite Scared to Go Back to Her Old Job

Anna Vakili told us what are the reasons she returned to her pharmacy job even the global pandemic of Coronavirus is still ongoing.

The popular reality star, who is 29 years old, posted an image on her Instagram profile which shows her behind a pharmacy counter. Just to remind you, she quit her old job last year. She said that she wasn’t planning to return to her old job since she got highly popular after her appearance on Love Island last year. However, she stated that it would be wrong for her not to work during this global pandemic.

Plus, she described a situation where she was sitting in her home and watching TV. She felt guilty that she didn’t was out helping people even with working in a pharmacy. As we said, she said that she didn’t have plans to get back so soon, but she changed her mind.


Furthermore, she said that she spent five years studying to get a master’s degree in pharmacy and that she doesn’t want to waste it for a TV show that she participated in last year. She confessed that she felt annoyed when she saw comments that told the story about her being broke and that she is not as good as she was as a social media influencer.

However, she spoke about the real situation she is in. She spoke that she could live comfortably off social media influencing and she was honest when she said that it makes her more money than a job in a pharmacy. She admitted that she is a little bit rusty after having a year off the job and that she was scared to go back. However, she said that she is happy to work and that she has an amazing experience once again.


A week ago, she shared an image of herself with a beige trouser suit that has a white tip. At the same time, she was wearing gloves and a face mask. In the description, she wrote that she is happy for getting back to work and that the time passes fast.