Anastasia Kvitko – 5 Interesting Facts About Russian Kim Kardashian

One of the most notable Russian women on social media is Anastasia Kvitko, a girl they call “Russian Kim Kardashian” for a big reason. She often captures her Instagram followers with bold nude photos that highlight her curves. She was born in Kaliningrad, northwest Russia, but currently lives in Los Angeles, California.

1. Russian Kim Kardashian

Model Anastasia Kvitko severely shook the throne of renowned senior starlet Kim Kardashian, challenging her to a duel – with her extensive background!

Although 13-year-old Kim has more experience, Anastasia has the youth and perseverance on her side, and now she’s reportedly getting ready to come to Miami and show what she’s up to. She is proud to point out that her curves are completely natural.

Many call the model Anastasia Kvitko Russian Kim Kardashian, but her appearance is unnatural to most because she has enormous breasts, a waist too big, and a huge butt. She says that she did not have plastic surgery and that Kardashian knows what she did.

“I’ll be bigger, prettier, and better than Kim Kardashian. I challenge her to a duel this way,” said Anastasia Kvitko, a Russian model who calls her curves completely natural.

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2. No plastic surgery


One of the most famous girls in the world, an American of Russian descent, has always claimed that her curves are natural.

If you compare Anastasia’s photos from before, she can see that her butt is incredibly rounded, and she achieved this by removing almost all the fat from her back and wearing the corset regularly.

Although in the pictures, we see a girl who implanted silicones in her breasts and buttocks, Anastasia persistently claims that our eyes are deceiving us.

3. A close look on her feature: Bottom


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Her transformation took only five years, and her as* is now more than one meter wide, 105 centimeters to the right. The hourglass figure of the young Russian woman has been compared several times with the number of Kim Kardashian, and it seems that she has decided to put it on the road and throw the starlet off the throne, thus becoming the owner of the most famous ass in the world.

4. Measurements and physical characteristics

My measurements are perfect, my breasts are 96 centimeters, and my waist is 63 centimeters,” she explained.

I only had one operation; they took out my appendix. I was too fat for a fashion agency, and they wanted to lose weight. I told them, “No,” said Kvitko, who has been modeling since the age of 17. Although she was repeatedly ‘caught’ photographing photos on Instagram, she still claims that everything seen is natural.

”My body is sporty; my hip muscles are trained, my butt is the most beautiful, and I didn’t do any plastic surgery on my face. And everyone knows what Kim made of her butt,” she stated.


5. Lifestyle

He eats no meat, no fish, no chicken, and avoids fast food. She claims that she did not have any plastic surgery but that she built her perfect curves at the gym.