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An Introduction to Telugu Music Genre

The world of music is pretty fascinating, and if you are a hardcore music lover, chances are that you’ve already found some genre that’s currently your favorite. It doesn’t have to be one, some people enjoy different genres of music and that’s absolutely fine. Today we’re talking about Telugu Music, a genre that you’ve probably never heard about since it originates from India and it’s still on the rise commercially. Let’s take a look at what you need to know.

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What is Telugu?

Telugu is the language that the people of Andhra Pradesh speak. Andhra Pradesh is a state in India that has always been known for creativity, dancing, story-telling and making music. With all of this being said, you probably already know that Telugu Music is of high-quality, considering the fact that it’s made by people who basically “live” music every single day. Let’s take a look at some of the most interesting things we know about the Telugu Genre

Why is Telugu Music Special?

Telugu Music is special because the instruments that are used in order to create a Telugu song can only be found in India, and they’re very traditional and sacred to the people living there. Some of these instruments are hundreds of years old and they still look and sound the same today as they did back in the day.

Another really great thing about the Telugu Genre is the fact that almost every song is uplifting and happy, which is one of the main reasons why people get attracted to it so easily. Sure, sad and melancholic songs can sometimes feel good depending on our mood, but Indian people are known for cherishing life and celebrating every little cause, so it’s pretty rare to find a song that won’t lift up your mood. If you want to hear a couple of songs, preferably sorted by popularity, feel free to visit naasongs.

Where is Telugu Music mostly used?

Telugu Music is made and listened across entire India, but the biggest commercial use is in the Bollywood Film Industry. When a new film gets made, for each scene there is a Telugu song that’s specifically made for the movie. Even the opening and closing soundtracks and theme-songs are Telugu songs, and they’ve created exclusively for that purpose. This means that if you’ve ever watched a comedy or an action movie from the Indian cinematography, you’ve definitely heard at least a few Telugu songs.

With the Indian culture currently on the rise in many different fields, chances are that we will be hearing a lot more Telugu songs than we are right now. It is indeed true that the Indian cinematography and music industry both require a lot more attention, so let’s give them a little support and listen to a few of their songs. If you like a certain Telugu song, you can try to find in which movie it was used, and then maybe watch the movie as well. Who knows, you might end up liking it and then binge-watch a couple of them in a day.