American Vs. Indian Economy

Indian and American city arrangements are quite different from one another. In America, zoning arrangement is usually followed, which is where working places and the grocery stores are located in different places from houses. In order to buy the things you and your family needs, you will need to drive, sometimes for a long time. However, in India, houses are located in the same location where various stores are scattered around. You can just step outside your home and buy anything that you might need from a store that is relatively close. Cars and other high-technology automobiles are unnecessary in India.


When compared to America, India is quite cheaper. If you transfer 1 US dollar to Indian Rupees, you will get an equivalent of 45.44 Indian Rupees. If you want to check how much is a different sum of money, you can just type in „US to INR“ and you will get a long list of rates.

If you are renting an apartment in India, it is about 30.000-50.000 Rupees, that is equal to 658-1.097 US dollars. For this amount of money, you will be able to get a 3-bedroom apartment in a good neighborhood. However, if you want to rent a 2-bedroom apartment in America, it will probably cost you 2.500 US dollars. In India, education is more expensive. A public grade school, in which the system is not good, is about 30.000-70.000 Indian Rupees ($658-$1.536) per year. If you want to pay for a better school, the tuition fee will start from 90.000-200.000 Rupees ($1.976-$4.391), per annum. In order to get a Bachelor’s degree, the fee will be 200.000 to 500.000 Rupees, which is $4.391 to $10.978 for each year that you study. The learning system is also quite broad that students in India cannot find time to do other activities.

When it comes to food, it is relatively cheaper in India. For a family, with four members, it will cost you a minimum of 15.000 Rupees which is equivalent to 329 dollars a month. Hiring someone to clean your house in America would cost $50 dollars for one visit, or $60-$70 for a weekly visit, while in India, you have the possibility of hiring someone for 4.000 Rupees which is 87 dollars.


At a higher cost, you have the possibility of getting excellent care in America. Medical bills are usually paid through insurance companies. In India, you could visit a doctor for only 100 Rupees, which is equal to $2. It is not customary to get an insurance policy to pay medical bills in India. Although it is drastically cheaper, you will maybe not get the best care that you could.

Salaries for a regular employee in America are several percentages higher than the wages in India, and that is why the way of living in America is more elevated when compared to other countries.

For ages, it has been customary for parents to arrange children’s marriages. The parents would choose their child’s husband or wife. Unlike Americans, who base their relationship on whom they like, Indians base it through the status of their families. Freedom in America is luxuriously enjoyed as long as they do not break any laws or other people’s rights. In India, the government is given more authority to restrict the independence of people, since their decisions are more attached in their constitution.



In India, the working places and stores are located near the homes on many Indian, while in America, the houses are separate from work and grocery stores. The way of life and living in America is much more expensive when compared to India. However, education costs more in India than in America. For a high cost, you will be able to get excellent medical care with insurance to pay for some of the bills, not all. And in India, medical care is cheaper and usually paid in cash. And lastly, freedom is greatly enjoyed by Americans, while in India, the government is given more authority to restrict freedom among Indians.