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AMB 001 by Aston Martin and Brough Superior

Most of the people know about the Aston Martin as a brand that is producing luxury sportscars, but they are also designing the motorcycles. In collaboration with the Brough Superior company for engineering, they made a unique type of motorcycle with the name AMB 001.

The first live presentation of this vehicle in public was in Milan in November 2019, at the EICMA motorcycle show. The public was excited to see this interesting collaboration and bike with the Aston Martin logo.

The AMB 001 is supposed to be only for collectors since there will be only 100 of these bikes. This bike will also have some of the technical solutions that Aston Martin is using for their vehicles. The bike is modern, lightweight, and has a very powerful engine. Which is made with the help pf the Brough Superior.

The Brough Superior is a company from the United Kingdom that is producing luxury motorcycles. Most of the models that come from this company are limited versions of expensive bikes with amazing performances.

Design and Performances

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The design represents a futuristic body with a lot of details made from carbon fiber. There are a lot of similarities with the Aston Martin cars, especially the construction of the bike. Also, this bike is a combination of some modern technical solutions, and old techniques which makes it very comfortable to drive.

At first look, we can say that the best feature of this bike is its design, but it also has a lot of power. The turbocharged engine is capable of providing 180 horsepower and a wide range for rpm. This model is completely handmade and there will be only 100 models for sale.

All of the parts in this bike are made from carbon fiber. Also, you can customize the bike with some original parts in order to reduce the weight of the motorcycle and gain better performances. The seat is made from leather and there is also a well-known wing that represents the logo of Aston Martin.

Technical Specification

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The size of the engine is 997cc which has the water and oil cooling and a semi-dry lubrication system. The gearbox has six degrees if transmission with the APTC Clutch, and one with chain. The cover of the engine is made from the materials that are being used in aeronautics.

One of the exclusive features that 001 has is the Turbo supercharging which provides this bike with more rpm. When it comes to the chassis, the AMB is using a CNC technology for a backbone on the engine which is lightweight.

Some of the best engineers in the world of racing cars were working on this model, they also developed a brake system which is a system that is using the radial master cylinder piston, which provides the driver with easier brakes.

Many parts of this bike are made with a CNC machine which makes it construction more solid because there are a lot of whole parts. The 001 has great aerodynamics and agility. Also, one of the important features is that it is very hard to dive in while braking because of the electronic braking assistance.