8 Amazing Lakes in Switzerland you need to visit in 2023

Switzerland is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe, for many reasons. People live a comfortable life because the economic aspects are great. Also, many expatriates choose this country to start a new life. Switzerland is beautiful because of the social order, the cities, nature, the mountains and of course the lakes. If you travel there, you should also know that you can choose the vacation that suits you – in a city among people or in nature, surrounded by the most beautiful landscapes in the world.

Today, we will talk about the picturesque lakes and the unique nature, because Switzerland is surely a country you will want to visit once you go through this article. And it’s not a coincidence we choose to talk about the lakes, since there are so many of them in this country. Websites like can also be a good guide through the country and the natural beauties there,

The most popular lake is Geneva Lake, so we will start with it:

1. Geneva Lake

This lake is one of the most beautiful and most visited in Switzerland and is named after the city of Geneva. But not only is it quite close to this city, but it is also easily accessible from many other smaller places. It is also close to France, so you will often meet French tourists there. It is also the largest lake in the country, which is why it is so popular. It is located in a huge open space, with lots of forests and greenery around. Tourists usually dive, walk around the shore, or sail in small boats, to see the most hidden beauties in this area.

2. Lucerne Lake

If you visit this lake, be prepared to be amazed by what you will see when you arrive. Lucerne is the fourth largest lake in Switzerland, but it is perhaps as popular as Geneva Lake. It is surrounded by the Alps, so the weather is not conducive to swimming. But other sports and recreational activities are not excluded. Whichever way you look at it, you will always have a landscape worth photographing – but no photograph can capture the real beauty of this important area of Switzerland.

3. Constance Lake

Switzerland shares this lake with Germany and Austria. It is the third-largest in Central Europe. People adore it for its unique nature, plants, wildlife, and fish. Swimming lovers can swim in these waters without worrying about anything. Water activities are possible during the summer months. It is also one of the most beautiful places for boat trips and sightseeing.

4. Lugano

Another exceptional creation of nature. People around it usually speak Italian, and the lake lays on the border between the two countries. Do you know what’s the best thing? The popular Italian lakes Como and Maggiore are really close, and if you have enough time, you just need to cross the border and have the time of your life visiting the most beautiful lakes in the world. A lot of towns and villages are based around Lugano lake. The water is crystal blue, and it’s surrounded by high mountains. Lugano is also the town on the coast, which is worth visiting at least once in your life.

5. Thun near Bern

It’s based in the Berner Oberland area, and it’s an alpine lake from the last glacial period. The water is clear and blue, reflecting the surrounding. You can choose very comfortable apartments to stay around. Sailing is one of the most popular activities you can do on Lake Thun. As you suppose, the lake got its name from the town Thun, but it’s also really close to Bern. The breeze you will feel is similar to the sea, but it can be pretty cold during the autumn and winter months. There is a cable car system there, you can use it to go to the top of the closest mountains and see how the lake looks from there.

6. Brienz

It’s also based in Bernese Oberland, and we can say it’s literally spectacular. We highly recommend letting yourself have this experience, go cruising, and eat some of the great local food. And while you are there, visit the Giessbach Falls, which fall directly into the lake. The Grand Hotel Giessbach will make great scenery for your Instagram photos too because it makes you feel like you are in a fairytale.

7. Blausee

This literally translates to Blue Sea, and it’s located near Kandergrund. It’s small, but still beautiful, even though it doesn’t attract a lot of visitors throughout the year. It’s quiet, and people love it because of that. If you decide to visit it, you will be surprised by the colors and all the beauties around, but you will want to keep this one a secret from other people. Simply, those who know how beautiful it is will always prefer not to tell the others, so they won’t ruin it with hotels and infrastructure that can cause damage.

8. Zurich Lake

This is just the opposite of Blausee. It’s based near the largest city in the country, and it’s so easy to access the coast and all the restaurants and bars around. The boat cruise will help you learn more about the past of the city, you can visit castles, and explore nature. Also, there are a few more towns by the lake of Zurich, like Lachen, Rapperswil, and Richerswil. Even though there are so many towns around, the water s still crystal clear, and it’s good to know that Zurich is using the lake to produce drinking water. It’s also great for those who love swimming because the temperatures in summer are high enough for that.

Now you know eight of the most beautiful lakes in Switzerland, but if you visit the country, we suggest you discover more than that. There is a reason why this country is the land of the lakes, and you must visit as many as you can.