All About Cold Emailing for the 21st Century Internet User

Online channels of communication are multiple and diverse. Internet and mobile users can rely on numerous channels and social media platforms for various needs. Emails have replaced the handwritten and typed letters a long time back. In this day and age, they are a must for online outreach. Today, emails are used for passive advertisement purposes by many companies. 

What is cold emailing?

There are different types of email communications for online users based on styling, templates, usage, or applications. Cold emailing is one such very popular marketing technique, where receivers get an unsolicited message. The receiving party may or may not be known to the sender and vice-versa.

Sectors using cold emails

Have a look at some of the popular applications of using cold email communications in this fast-paced 21st century –

  1. Online networking You can use this internet-based tool to stay connected with diverse people, which includes customers, clients, colleagues, acquaintances, or friends.
  2. Jobs and career success – You can promote your personality and qualifications to land a job. Pitch your strengths and submit a simple yet effective email to the future bosses.
  3. Sales prospecting – Digital marketing strategists never ignore the power of this channel. They extend emotionally inducing sales pitches to prospective clients or customers.
  4. Brand cultivation – Inevitability, every product or service requires a strong brand image. Cultivate a powerful brand or maintain a positive online reputation with this communication tool.

What is email styling?

You may have a clear and distinct objective in mind. Your language skills may also be impeccable. But without the right style, the message may fall flat and fail to capture attention. It may even lead to the downfall of your entire public relations (PR) campaign.

Marketing gurus advise the use of inline CSS over embedded CSS. However, background images are better off the script as they cause distraction. In layperson terms, styling refers to how the mail is formatted and composed – the template. Effective convey of the message is possible if you rely on a good quality template. Over the years, email has become a cost-efficient and measurable marketing tool. Hence, the writer has to focus on sending out a strong message to stand out of the possible hundreds of similar messages sent by your competitors to the same customer.

With today’s technology, most of the cold email filters into spam even before they reach the eyes of your potential customer. In the case of your customer viewing your message, the human brain takes three seconds to determine whether the content is valuable for them. The human brain cannot read through paragraphs in three seconds. Thus, pictures and catchy headlines are essential. According to a study, human eyes get attracted to the large image in a picture. Thus, try to incorporate the information into the image. There goes the old saying, a picture is worth a thousand words. 

Several service providers can create templates for cold email based on your niche, type of product, type of message (brand introduction, festival wishes, product launch, and so on.). If desired, you can choose to hire such writers for the template.

Seven important tips to new marketers

You are mistaken if you think ‘what is in an email?’ It is not just about writing a letter or sending a message to the receiver or client. It is about pitching the information and making your customers listen to it. Follow these tips to come up with successful online marketing campaigns 

  • Simple and effective wordings

When sending a message or promotion content, be sure of the basics. Always write a concise and relevant matter in the subject column. The first line of the content itself has to be near perfect. After that, make sure the body is fluent and free from confusion. It is a minimum level of efficiency expected even from amateur writers.

  • Sales effectiveness

Build up a meaningful and impactful recipient list. Sending an impactful mail to a ‘prospective buyer’ has to be high on your agenda. What is the point in attracting the attention of casual or disinterested receivers? Use software tools and social media networks to build up an enviable list of addresses.

  • Personalization

Personalization may not be of much value for a startup. But for big companies, the recipient’s data is a gold mine. You can use this valuable information on the customer to send out relevant offers only. Make communication more impactful by creating a positive experience. Research suggests that personalized mail can have 25% to 41% higher click rates from the recipients.

  • Quality control

Cold emails, or for that matter, any, any marketing communication cannot afford errata. Readers are quickly turned off by spelling mistakes, missing a text, or a simple typo. A comma here, a colon there, or some other punctuation mistake is equally significant. Do a thorough spelling and grammar check before clicking that ‘submit’ button.

  • Follow up

Cold email campaigns become more effective if you take followup actions. The follow-up strategy requires a tenacious spirit and a pugnacious mindset. You should not give up after hearing three or four no’s. Instead, be resilient and send that third, or even fourth email to the customer. The best way to make your employees be resilient by providing a sales commission for every sale that takes place due to the cold email. Use this tool to help your employees calculate the sales commission.

  • Testing and feedback

You may have built up a good list of addresses. But it doesn’t mean you have to send mail to everyone blindly. Perform an optimization analysis to target the right clientele. Make good use of the feedback from previous such marketing campaigns. Make use of both human and automated tools to perform this testing.
  • Constant learning

A business or marketing campaign is not a one-trick pony. Nor is it a onetime thing to be done and forgotten. You have to be alert and stay focused on your prospective audience. You have to look at specific problems, come up with efficient solutions, and deliver better and better communication, every time.

Why should I spend resources on this front? Technically speaking, this method of marketing has the highest ROI of all marketing methods. You would be spending a bare minimum in sending emails to millions of users in just one second. However, every single sale that happens through this front is profit. On the same note, the chances of a potential client viewing and acting upon your message are very meager. So, do not keep your hopes very high.