5 Tips for Adding A Neon Sign To Your Gaming Room

If you want to become a gamer, you need to have a few things. One is imperative and it is love for games and the other two are providing the means to be the greatest you can be and those are a gaming PC and a gaming room.

Most of us, with a wish to become a great gamer, have at least one of these things right off the bat – I am not counting for love for games because it is a must. So, most of us have either a gaming PC or a room to start with. In this day in age, it is not that hard to obtain the other thing you are missing it just depends on how deep your pockets are.

If you have a gaming PC then if you want a true and cool gaming den you have to have a gaming room that will reflect all that is you. You have to have a lot of bright colours and LEDs everywhere because it is a must these days, you have to have your action figures, achievements and a lot more on display so you can call it a gaming room. It should be a space in your home that is going to reflect who you are and what you do, and you can find that right at

The article today will give you some tips on how and where to add neon lighting and signs in your room to make it pop.

1. Plan ahead


You need to plan where to hang the neon lighting before purchase. A properly placed neon sign can turn your room into a thrilling arcade.

So you have a gaming setup and some sort of room arrangement that you need to beef up with some neon, RGB and LED lights. The best thing to do, if you want to avoid constant drilling, hammering and shifting around is to plan a room arrangement that will be permanent. After you have a space for your gaming setup plan what you want and where you want it. Most of us generally opt for the brightest part of a gaming room to be right around the gaming setup but that doesn’t have to be the case for you. It is normal to have some strips above and around your gaming setup and the neon signs can go above or around it. It is not too different to see some of the gamer/streamers having those signs on show behind them usually where their bed is. So if you are planning on streaming as well think about what you want to have on show for the audience and where is the best place to put it.

2. Chose wisely

Now like with everything else these signs come in all shapes, sizes and colours. That is also reflected by the price. You can have really small ones cheaply delivered from China and they can be perfectly OK but do not expect much from them because the price will reflect the durability and quality of those. There are also neon signs that will be a bit pricier but also a bit bigger and more quality made. Those can vary from $50 to hundreds of dollars depending on what you opt for and how much you are willing to invest. Sometimes price does mean quality and features but that doesn’t always have to be the case, it is something to keep in mind.

3. Features

As I already mentioned price dictates a lot and you will see that if you order or just before you order. If you want to be responsible with your money try and read up as much as possible about the product you are buying before you give your money just to make sure you don’t get disappointed when it comes. For most cases, those cheaper smaller neon signs will be powered by a pack of AAA batteries or by a cable that will go into the wall or via USB into your PC. Those cheaper ones don’t have many features and they are plug and play. You turn them on and what you see is what you get. Pricier ones will most likely come with an adapter that you will plug into a wall and you will get a remote control paired with a receiver to make adjustments ranging from colour, speed and intensity of lighting, flashing and whatnot. It will be highly customizable hence the price tag.

4. Don’t go overboard

Having all those fancy lights and having a lot of neon signs and RGBs everywhere can be beautiful and can create a unique ambient but if you go all out and have a lot of them, especially in a lot of different colours, in a small and confined space you will lose much of their appeal in that way. With the first step of planning, you should also plan out the layout and the colour patterns you wish. If you have a lot of customizable LEDs and RGBs then try and get a neon light that can be customizable as well just so you can colour-match everything to the perfections. Another thing to consider is the number of power outlets and from where are you going to power all of these colourful wonders. Try and see if you can fit everything you want and see if you have a place to power them all without creating a fire hazard.

5. Keep it simple


This last point goes hand in hand with the previous one. It is never too good to pile all of those neons, RGBS and LED in small spaces because you will lose much of what you wish to accomplish. You also have to take care of the number of colours, light and brightness coming from them if you are taking up streaming because they will take the focus out of you, and your viewers, in general, will not have a good experience. Imagine how it would be for your eyes if you had to constantly stare for several hours into a bright neon sign. Take it easy, find a good arrangement, and layer everything up into order so it’s not all just piled on top of each other and try to create soothing colour schemes that will make you the centre of that story.