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A Teaser to Mitsubishi Engelberg Tourer Concept

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At Geneva`s 2019 motor show, a new Mitsubishi Engelberg is most important among all of the news, and by the first look on to, we know why it is like that. We can say that it gives pointers to the future of the next generation of electric powertrains. Also, it gives us clues of what we can expect from the SUVs of Japanese origins in the future. Mitsubishi established themselves as the best-selling plug-in car in the United Kingdom from 2014 to the present day.

Why is it Called Engelberg?


Mitsubishi Engelberg was named after the mountain resort, located in Switzerland, in Oberwalden canton. Engelberg resort was home many of championships for various winter sports, mostly skiing. We can say that Mitsubishi has a history when it comes to giving somewhat dubious names to their cars. The most well-known example is Mitsubishi Pajero.


When it comes to details of this vehicle, we can say that there are very few of them. The company only teased us with a couple of photographs. They are revealing some heavy and aggressive style.

The Conclusion


Mitsubishi Engelberg will have the world debut on the fifth of March 2019, on the show that is scheduled after Geneva`s motor show. All we know is that the new product of Mitsubishi will offer something new to the world of automobiles, and we can`t wait to see this one shine in his full light.

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