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A Taste of the Most Luxurious Bed Sheets

There are many reasons we wake every morning and go to work all day. One of those reasons is to improve our way of life. We spend months and years saving money to buy nice things and more luxurious things. It’s safe to say, we want to pamper ourselves and live life in the lap of luxury!

One of the most common luxury items people upgrade is their bedsheets. Luxurious bed sheets can be found in local stores and online sites for almost the same price as high-end cotton sheets.

Different Types of Luxurious Bed Sheets

If you try and picture the sheets a king or queen sleep with on their bed, you will conjure up a picture of silky sheets for sure. However, those sheets you just imagined, might not be silk anymore. In fact, they may be bamboo sheets or simply Egyptian cotton.

Luxurious bed sheets can be found with the following types of fabrics:

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  • Silk bed sheets
  • Cashmere bed sheets
  • Egyptian cotton sheets
  • Bamboo sheets

Qualities of Luxurious Bed Sheets

Not all the types of luxurious bed sheets have the same features or benefits. So depending on what feature is more important to you, one will definitely be better than the rest.

Silk Bed Sheets: To start, silk bed sheets have been around for centuries and are dated as far back as the Egyptians. They are known for being “silky” and smooth. Their most common feature is the way they slide off of the bed easily and have a shiny look to them. Their look can be described as being “creamy” and sings Luxury!

Cashmere Bed Sheets: Next, I want to mention sheets made with pure cashmere fabrics. Cashmere is more of a warming type of bed sheet and commonly used in colder climates. Cashmere sheets don’t have the same “silky” feel as silk bed sheets but are the opposite. The softness of cashmere sheets feels very smooth on your skin and keeps you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

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Egyptian Cotton Sheets: One of the most common types of luxury bed sheets is Egyptian cotton. Many hotels have used Egyptian cotton sheets to cover their beds in. So if you have stayed in a high-class hotel lately, you most likely have slept in Egyptian cotton sheets. The quality of Egyptian cotton sheets is usually measured by their thread count. The higher the thread count, usually means a better quality bed sheet.

Bamboo Sheets: The final type of luxurious bed sheets I want to mention is bamboo sheets. Bamboo sheets are fairly new to the market so many people have doubts about trying them. They enjoy the same “silky” feel as silk sheets, the extreme softness of Egyptian cotton sheets and the temperature regulating feature of cashmere.

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To sum it all up, you can get a taste of luxury by simply upgrading your bedsheets to one of the types mentioned above. No matter what feature you prefer in bedsheets, I’m sure you’ll find the right one to help you sleep like royalty!

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