A Complete Guide to Choosing the Best Crossfit Shoes

Crossfit is considered one of the most intense and hardest sports in the world. Crossfit is a global community with over 4 million people who are each working very hard to get better, faster, strong, and ultimately, fitter.

One of the most important aspects of Crossfit is your equipment. Having the best shoes for Crossfit is imperative if you wish to succeed in such a sport. As Crossfit focuses on full body exercises, having the best shoes is very important as your feet will be your foundation.


So because of that reason, we are going to tell you a complete guide on how to choose the best shoes for Crossfit.

Why Specific Shoes?


We touched on it before but it’s important that we lay out the reasons why you need the best shoes for Crossfit. Since Crossfit focuses on your entire body, the demands for unique shoes are high in this sport. You will need to buy specific aerobic shoes that will support your weight, be flexible enough for a wide range of exercises, and will manage to balance everything all together.

What Features Should You Focus On

There are different features that better suit different workouts when considering Crossfit shoes. While some features do benefit various workouts, we are going to tell you about all of them in our ultimate guide.

•    Shoe Drop


The difference in height between the heels to the toe is one of the most important features to look for in Crossfit shoes as said by CrossFitSurvival. Higher shoe drop greatly benefits moving exercises, but in your case, you don’t need that high shoe drop. Since most of the time, you will be standing still, the lower the drop the better. Usually, Crossfit shoes have a 4mm shoe drop, while most running shoes have 8mm.

•    Hard Sole

Most running shoes have more flexible shoe soles to better compliment the various movements of the feet. On the other hand, weightlifting shoes have a harder sole to better support to the upper body and maintain you in a proper position during lifting. The best Crossfit shoes should come somewhere in the middle and by having both harder and flexible sole, you will be able to run easier and keep yourself in a firm position.

•    Durable Outer Shoe


When buying Crossfit shoes, make sure to always check out the outer parts of the shoes and check if they look sturdy enough. Since Crossfit is very rigorous on shoes, they can get broken in a matter of months. Add to the fact that Crossfit shoes go as much as $150 for a pair, having one with a durable outer part will be extremely beneficial for both you and your wallet.

•    Lightweight


In the ideal world, you would want shoes that will not weigh you down as most of the time you would be lifting heavy weights. Crossfit puts a lot of demand on your body and you wouldn’t want your shoes to drag you down even further. Choosing shoes that are lightweight will not hinder your training on a daily bases. Some people go to the extreme lengths and get gloves for the feet, which mimic the closest thing to being barefoot. However, wearing mimicking the closest thing to barefoot will hinder on your balance, stability, flexibility, and you will lose support.


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