9 Creative Apartment Patio Ideas on a Budget

If you live in an apartment, you can also spend a quality time on your balcony. During this coronavirus crisis, people shouldn’t go out often, but we all want to get sunlight and fresh air on daily base. People who live in a house often have a backyard to spend a lot of time there. Outdoor activities are highly recommended, especially when we spend a lot of time inside, missing the beautiful sunny days because of the pandemic.

But, even people who have small balconies can make them cozy and private. If you have a balcony, you can easily turn it to an escape outdoor place, where you can drink your coffee, read some book or just take an afternoon nap. You can create a real patio there, just like some people have in their backyards. You only need to set your budget, stick to it and be creative. You will be surprised how much can you done by using old furniture and recycle or repurpose it. Just open your mind and build your personal balcony space the best you can.

Here are a few ideas how to do that:

Put a small table

Go to the store or you can start DIY project and make a small and charming table for your balcony patio. Put some comfy chairs around and you will have a strong base to build up your dream outdoor space even if you live in an apartment. You can’t imagine a patio without a table, but you should be careful that it won’t take too much space on your terrace. Choose your balcony furniture wisely, because it will stay outside for a long time, so it should be weather-resistant.

Palette benches

You can install palette benches instead of chairs, because they take less space and can easily be built near the walls. Built-in palette benches are cheap and effective and they won’t fill up the whole balcony, leaving space for more creative ideas. Use protective coat so the weather won’t destroy your on-budget project in a few days.

Retractable cover

Protect your cozy place from the direct sunlight and the rain by installing retractable cover over the improvised patio. You can use it as sun protection and shade. Visit retractable awnings to find what suits the best for the space you own. You can’t build a proper balcony safe place if you don’t invest in protective cover, that will also protect your privacy while you spend your outdoor time there.


Folding furniture

If you have a small balcony, it’s better to invest in folding furniture and to use only the necessary number of chairs. This type of furniture is easy to use and you can easily transport it from one place to another if you need to do that. You can choose woody or aluminum tables and chairs. Avoid plastic, because it doesn’t last long and the sun and rain can damage it. You can use this furniture when you travel or go camping, because it’s lightweight and easy to store in your car luggage.

Make a sofa

Use the palette benches we mentioned before to make a comfortable sofa. You only need to put a few cushions and pillows and enjoy the beautiful afternoon reading a book, or drink a glass of wine in the evenings. You can turn your balcony into a room by using only a few cheap materials that will warm up the space around you.

Make it green

Put a lot of plants and herbs on your balcony, so you can bring the nature close to you. Plant some flowers and choose the types that can stay longer outside. You can create the backyard feeling even in those few square meters you have.

Put something on the walls

You can choose hanging plants, or you can put some pictures or wallpapers, in order to create a comfortable place for you and your family. Use different frames, pictures, photos or motivational messages, to avoid the boring look. The balcony belongs to your apartment and you need do invest a little to make it beautiful.

Take care about lighting


You can install cheap lighting using LED light strips. If you want more interesting solution, you can choose LED lights in different colors. They are economic and won’t affect the electricity bills a lot. If you want to keep your apartment patio more private, use candles and discrete lights.

Put a curtain

If you want more privacy, you can put interesting curtains or use your plants to hide behind them. Also, you can recycle some old door, repaint it, and put it on your balcony. Old shutters can be used too, but you need to attach them carefully, because the strong winds can cause damage to them.

The more you work on your patio project, the more creative ideas you will get during the whole process. Before you start anything, think about it carefully and decide if it’s worth to invest money in it. Sometimes your old chairs, pillows, blankets and pieces of used furniture can be a wonderful second-hand material to start a redecorating project. Browse on the Internet to find a lot of great ideas on the social media platforms. These projects will help you have a good time during the coronavirus crisis.

Redecorating your balcony space and repurposing it will boost your creative side and will help you improve your renovation skills. Use the time you have smartly. Don’t be jealous to those who live in house and have yards and lawns. Your apartment patio can be a great place where you’ll spend a lot of quality time during the COVID-19 situation. Take care for your general health and spend as much time as you can outside, read books and don’t panic, because this crisis will end at some point. Until then, try to relax and to stay calm. Wash your hands and follow the government’s protection instructions, so you can protect yourself from potential coronavirus infection.