9 Amazing Ways to Study Abroad at Sea


What is a better way to explore the world than choosing the innovative way to study at sea, not just in one nation but many? Study a program abroad where the sky is your map, ocean your home and the options are unlimited. If you are the kind of a person who wants a healthy dose of adventure, do more, see more try more and doesn’t like sitting long hours in one place, then don’t fumble, studying a semester at sea may be what is best for you.
Most of the programs involve staying in one nation for some weeks, months or even a year. You get to immerse fully in a particular culture learn everything you desire, but you can still take occasional trips to explore other region and countries as well. Let’s dive in: here are nine amazing ways to study abroad at sea.

Sea Semester

Are you intense about issues surrounding the environment and their relation to international diplomacy and policy? Do you desire to gain real-world experience both as a scientist an explorer, as you sleep underneath the star? Then the Oceans and Climate SEA semester may be the best for you. It is a sea school that pushes students beyond their ease zone. The program requires the student to work as deckhand helping a sailboat person through the ocean. Here the work of the student is to conduct baseline research, collect scientific data that will be presented when concluding the program. This is real-world learning on both your studies and on the ship.


Outward Bound

This is an incredible 85 days program that fits best the high school students above the 18 years. You are taught how to surf, scuba dive, sail among many other great things. You will learn leadership qualities, survival skills and get a chance to take part in the service program with social and conservation service groups.

External Bound

This is a program almost similar to SEA Semester that educates students how the ship is crewed. The semester usually takes three thrilling months on a 30-foot sailboat to students above 18 years old.  Student earns certification in (WFR) Wilderness First Responder, complete a service project and learn leadership skills. If you are worried about the class work when taking this short course, you can get some help at Samedaypaper assistance and be able to concentrate on your program. Since the program usually takes place in remote areas in Chapada dos Veadeiros village Brazil, you will not only gain an appreciation to the natural surroundings you will be traversing, but you will also appreciate the Brazilian culture.

Seamester in the Indian Ocean

Combine your love of exploring a new culture, ocean, and adventure with the semester program at Seamester: the Indian Ocean, Singapore to South Africa. You will get a chance to get your feet’s under the water while exploring different countries and cultures for almost three months. Some of the countries you will visit include South Africa, Mauritius, Java Bali, Singapore, Sunda Island, and Borneo. You will earn Rescue and Divemaster Certification, Advanced Open Water, International Crew Water and International Yachtmaster Training (IYT). Also, you will receive 12 credits, not bad for a semester at sea, right?


Evolve Abroad

Evolve oversees with a study summer program specializing in marine work. The best thing about the program is that it will make your resume sparkle up with the professional experience you will acquire. It’s a short-term combo program that takes just one month. This is yet another best summer break.

Sea Expedition

Studying abroad as a high school student is just amazing, but how incredible is high school at sea? With sea expedition, you will focus on sail training, field research and innovative academics approach while in the ocean. As you jump to the world of discovery, your personal growth will escalate at a very young age it sets up for more exploration in the future.  It happens in summer only for just two weeks.

Class Afloat

With class, a floating program, the classroom learning is enhanced through activities and shipboard program with an objective of engaging, practical learning for every participant at the ocean. It’s based in Canadian but open to international students.

Fall Voyage Semester at Sea

Being one of the well-known programs in the world, Semester at Sea program provides study at sea. Top-notch professors teach students as they get to visit countries such as Germany, Japan, Vietnam, Mauritius, India, Ghana, South Africa, Spain, and Germany.

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Intern For Credit

Usually, an intern is considered the next after once a student has completed college to get a job. No one wants to get a bad credit after years of hard work. You can take this chance to get excellent credit from intern abroad before the day of graduation. This is an amazing chance to study abroad. Getting an internship abroad may be unpaid, but it will make your resume shine.

Take Away

Studying abroad is a daring adventure, you not only adapt to the new way of living as you push yourself to the limit as a student but also adapt to an entirely fresh way of living at a whim of nature. You get an opportunity to explore, make new friends, and learn new skills that you would have never learned otherwise. Studying circumstance may differ from one student to another. And there is no “right” way of studying abroad. To come up with the best and right program for you, you need to evaluate your budget, review your options and availability of your financial aids. Then you can pick the program that fits your goals best.

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