7 Ways to Succeed at Sweepstakes, Guaranteed

What’s most important, when dealing with sweepstakes, is keeping up with the system. These types of events are all about being one of the last ones in, in order to have that extra winning chance. But, you may ask, how and where do you find out about all these potential ways to earn bigger and better, without wasting time or doing manual, boorish work?

You have to have a system in place, that’s what this is all about! The best, proven method is to have news of different sweepstakes sent straight to you, freeing up your time to think about and sign up on many different ones, all the while! Here are several exciting and varied ways, in which you can quickly and easily become a sweepstakes champion!

1. Sign Yourself Up for Newsletters

A variety of different websites offer sweepstake newsletters that deliver the latest and most lucrative news to your e-mail, as quickly as they are published. These subscriptions offer all the important events, tips for better performance and alerts for staying out of currently running scams in the industry.

If you’re looking to dip your toes in slowly, sites like TheBalance’s free newsletter on sweepstakes is a great place to start without paying anything, but if you’re willing to chip in to gain great insight the Sweepsheet or Sweeping America services are your greatest asset.

Overall, the best way of approaching newsletters is to try out a few different ones and compare them to your liking, see how you feel them personally. Maybe you’re just a fast reader and can’t get enough of their information, then you’d try adding a few more subscriptions to quench your thirst for the info, or perhaps this method just isn’t working out for you, then you can just unsubscribe and look for alternatives, such as:

2. Sweepstakes Blog Updates

Maybe you’ve already got a favorite website or blog on the topic of sweepstakes? In that case, you could get notified by e-mail every single time it updates, keeping you up-to-date and full of knowledge as efficiently as possible. Simply search for an RSS feed on your website of choice, and follow this tutorial or Google the instructions if you’d prefer help from the trusty search engine. Now, you’re fully set to receive a notification to your e-mail, every time your favorite sweepstakes website gets new news!

3. Use an RSS Reader

Since we’re talking about RSS feeds, here’s another useful way in which they’re helpful! The RSS reader, which you can usually download for free, is an excellent tool that helps you get all your hot, fresh sweepstakes news in one place, compiled for your leisure. The tool itself is easy and fun to use, with many different RSS readers to choose from, so you can always pick what’s right, just for you.

4. Firefox’s Live Bookmarks

If you are equipped with a Firefox browser, you can make use of a unique, neat little feature, the Live Bookmarks. These bookmarks can be accessed with the single click of a button and once opened up display all the latest sweepstakes information and news in one, compact little space.

A quick tutorial on how to make use of the feature is available here:

5. Twitter

Twitter is one of the most popular social media on the internet. Obviously, it too is a great place to find out info concerning sweepstakes. The short-form nature of the messages there is excellent for quick data dumps, and plus, companies often post about their own giveaways.

By simply following all your favorite sweepstakes sites and sponsors on your account, Twitter will neatly arrange a stream of useful information straight to your homepage. Consider even starting a new account just for receiving sweepstakes tweets and making use of the Twitter parties that give away daily prizes.

Furthermore, Twitter’s strongest tool is the hashtag. With it, you can browse the specific information you want by simply searching by hashtag. TweetDeck is a very good program to organize these hundreds of useful tweets even further, for a truly customizable experience.

6. Facebook

Now comes the big one. Facebook is the social media to be on. Not only are there a plethora of very skilled and savvy writers on the topic of sweepstakes there, but companies often post exclusive giveaways there, including ones with the chance to win cars, vacations, coupons and much more!

So, as many people already have Facebook accounts, it’s elementary to simply follow companies and sweepstakes bloggers for an incredible payoff! You can start maximizing your chances by following the About Sweepstakes Fan Page for further useful tips.

7. Google Alerts

The free and easy service Google Alerts provides is unmatched. By selecting keywords that are related to sweepstakes, you can pick up any information on the web in regards to sweepstakes and have it sent straight to your e-mail inbox, allowing you to complete your toolbox of sweepstake advantages and be ready to play and win.