7 Most Beautiful Latin Instagram Models In 2020


The fact that Latin American women are among the most beautiful in the world is hard to argue with. Just look at the women on, they all look amazing! In a day and age where online fame is where it’s at, it is safe to say that these women are thriving. Below is a list of 7 of the most beautiful and impressive of these women and what sets them apart from other Instafamous beauties on the platform.

Latin’s top 7 IG babes

Thassia Naves – Brazil


Thasia effortlessly oozes sophistication and class, and it is no wonder that her Instagram followers are in the millions. She is a fashion blogger and an entrepreneur who started out small but has built an entire empire through smart use of social media. And it is all documented on the influencer’s very busy and very entertaining Instagram page.

Yovanna Ventura – USA


Yovanna is a professional model from Miami, Florida in the USA. She has been in the business both on print campaigns and runway shows for quite a while, so her popularity is not so hard to explain. The curvy belle was also catapulted into the limelight following rumors that she and US celebrity Justin Bieber were romantically involved.

Dolly Castro – Nicaragua


Don’t let the cute doll-like wonder of her name full you. This is one of the most powerful women not only in Latin America on the Instagram platform. She is a professional fitness expert with a lot of her online posts revolving around this lifestyle. She also happens to be a beauty with brains having started and successfully run her fitness gear business using Instagram as her main platform.

Paula Fernandes – Mexico


Paula is an incredibly talented songstress whose music is to thank for her Instagram fame. Her warm and welcoming personality also complement her gift landing her some of the most loyal fans in the country. When she isn’t singing, Paula works as a brand ambassador and social media influencer for several major regional and international businesses.

Gracie Carvalho – Brazil


In a day and age where Instagram models have an almost cookie-cutter aesthetic, Gracie stands out. This Victoria secret model has incredibly enchanting dark features with her beautiful dark skin, deep brown eyes, and curly brunette locks. It is no wonder that both men and women flock to her Instagram just to get another glimpse of this unique beauty.

In addition to modeling, she is also a trained kickboxer. So you better like and follow her or she will find you and kick your butt. Ok maybe she won’t, but it is still pretty impressive that she is trained.

Beatriz Fernandes – Spain


Beatriz is an up and coming Instafamous Latina chica and her very colorful and lively online presence is to thank for this. Unlike other models who have been in the business for a while, she still hasn’t settled on a specific niche with her posts featuring everything from fitness to fashion related uploads.

Lisa Morales – Cuba


Lisa Morales is a well-established offline celebrity with her thriving career as a TV presenter and model. However, this status offline has definitely had an impact on her online fame making her one of Cuba’s most influential Instagram personalities. In addition to being devastatingly beautiful and intelligent, Lisa is very actively involved in philanthropy.

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