60th Birthday Ideas for Dads

If your dad is about to turn 60, and if you are planning to delight your dad with the best birthday celebrations he has ever had, then here are a few 60th birthday ideas for dads.

Your dad’s 60th birthday is the perfect time for refreshing and reliving the memories of the past. One of the top 60th birthday ideas for dads is to arrange a reunion of all his old friends and family at the party and to offer him a walk down the memory lane by arranging a family and friends photo slideshow.

You can even set a theme to the party according to your dad’s personality. If your dad loved rock ‘n’ roll music or was an active part of the hippie movement of the 60s, then you can set the respective themes to the environment you create at the party. But most important of all, make sure that you set a cheerful and youthful tone to the party as you remind your dad and his friends of all the things they used to do while they were young.

Surprise your dad by offering the 60th birthday gifts that he wanted the most, which could vary with every person of course. You could arrange a vacation for him to his favorite destination, for example Hawaii or Jamaica, or could offer him something which could be of use to him in everyday life. You could either gift him an instrument for a new hobby or could present him with gift vouchers to the local stores, such as hardware stores, if he is into home improvement.

Make the most of the opportunity of your dad’s 60th birthday to let him know what he means to you and how important he has been for the family. Especially if your dad had spent a lot of time and energy ensuring that his family celebrated their birthdays wholeheartedly, this is the perfect time you can return only just a part of all what he offered you.

Having a Dinner Cruise as a 60th Birthday Ideas is a little on the expensive side but for such an important event it would really be classy. Make sure you do a little research first as their are some dinner cruises that are strictly just dinner and there are others that also have a play or murder mystery going on also! This Party Ideas is a lot of fun for the entire family, young or old.

Most Older Men and Women are either a wine person or beer person and you can plan a party accordingly. If they enjoy wine you can have each guest bring their favourite wine to the party and everyone can go around sampling the different types of wine. You should also have some cheese around to eat in between the drinking. Wine tasting is good because it automatically is a conversation piece for a party. If beer is the choice, you could do some Beer tasting and make a game out of it. Place the different beers in pictures and let everyone taste them and write down their guesses as to what brand each is. At the end of the night you can give out a prize to the person who got the most correct.

60th Birthday Ideas for Moms

The 60th birthday of your mom is not only a special occasion in her life, but is as important an event in yours, and some useful 60th birthday ideas for moms are what you need to offer her the most special celebrations of her life. If you have brothers and sisters, then ideally all of you should come together, if possible, to carry out all the necessary arrangements for the party, which will certainly make your mom feel special.

Among the top 60th birthday ideas for moms, you must keep in mind that it is a very special occasion to let your mom know how special she is to you. It is an event to thank your mom for all the love and care she has provided to you over the years, and acknowledge that nothing would be enough to ever repay her debt. You can thank her by presenting her a card but never forget to include your personal message, and never rely on the messages already printed in the cards, since the card messages are considered impersonal by many. Furthermore, accompany the card with a bouquet of her favorite flowers, which can be one of the best presents for your mother.

Plan the birthday with some fun and lively activities and invite all her friends and family so that she can have as much fun as possible. You can organize games and offer her presents that are lively and fun-filled, like a mug with a personal message. If possible, plan to fulfill one of her longtime wishes to make her 60th birthday the most special one ever, such as a vacation trip.

Just like in every birthday party, you should make every best possible effort to be good at the decorations and the arrangements. Arrange for a birthday cake of your mom’s favorite flavor and play a mix of music which contains songs that your mom loves and which sounds pleasant to the rest of the people at the same time.

Watch the family photograph albums and with refreshed memories let her know how important she has been and still is to the family. Your mom’s 60th birthday is a special moment for the whole family, celebrate it in the most special way.

60th Birthday Ideas games

This game is a corollary to the “How Old” game where guests discuss if the guest of honor will still be alive when future events occur. You’ll want to adapt and expand what we have provided and make up your own game rules based on the type of crowd you have assembled. For maximum simplicity, just read the events and ask for a show of hands. Remember, the point is for everyone to have fun helping the guest of honor realize that his days are numbered.


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