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5 WWE Wrestlers Who Should Follow Dwayne Johnson and John Cena’s Footsteps to Hollywood

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Two of the biggest WWE wrestlers, Dwayne Johnson and John Cena, have also become huge names in Hollywood. These two wrestlers are big-name actors now and we thought that there are other WWE wrestlers who should follow their footsteps to Hollywood. Here are five new possible Hollywood stars which can come from the WWE world.

Roman Reigns

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Roman is the one who should definitely follow Dwayne Johnson and John Cena’s example when it comes to Hollywood. He is quite close to The Rock, which can be very helpful. In fact, Roman Reigns has a role in the new ‘Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs and Shaw’. Plus, he has the looks and his promos are becoming better and better.

Bray Wyatt

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Bray might be one of the weirdest WWE characters so far, but no one can argue his talent. He has outstanding promos and he is unbelievable in his pre-taped vignettes. Where we see him are probably horror films if he ever decides to transition to the big screen. Bray’s acting skills definitely set him apart from his fellow wrestlers.

Triple H

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Triple H has had his presence on the screen playing a role in ‘Blade III’ and ‘The Chaperone’. He has got everything he needs to make it into Hollywood, including the looks. Moreover, people seem to like him and he has appeal outside of the WWE world. Triple H is best and the only wrestler who can cut a 20-minute live promo.


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Dolph Ziggler isn’t only an excellent WWE wrestler, but also a very famous stand-up artist. He seems to be very successful outside the WWE ring and has even acted in ‘Countdown’. He has all it takes to succeed in Hollywood, such as the ability to talk, charisma, and looks. He has a huge potential of becoming the next Hollywood star.

The Miz

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The Miz seems to be destined to make it to the big screen. He has had a number of straight to DVD/Blu-Ray starring roles in the Marine. When he speaks, everyone is hooked on his words. Plus, the babyface is something Hollywood looks for.

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