5 Point Stratagem for Students to SubterFuge Debt

Here is a 5 point strategy that will assist students to shun debt. Student life is a depiction of funny experiences, cheerful attitude, and an extravagant lifestyle. A flaunty lifestyle packed with flamboyant dressing, socializing and boasting culture.

While this could sound overwhelming to many, Shopaholic students involuntarily become vulnerable to Oniomania (a disorder or an inclination to shop). The rationale behind the problem is credit card accessibility, which is a way to entice shoppers by granting enormous discounts. The Rampant shopping activities that eventually engulfs students into debt.
To evade such predicament, let’s dive into a 5 point strategy that will back students to elude debt.

Hunt Free Money

Does this sound interesting? Yea, it is. In this age of Information technology, money grows exponentially with the speed of light. The desire to become rich in a quick span has spawned many startups focused on offering people a way to earn money online by completing simple tasks. There are numerous ways which exemplify obtaining free money like answering free online paid surveys, installing & download apps, affiliate marketing, are to name a few. Leveraging these free resources is a great way to bag free money for students and ultimately avoid debt.

Gift Yourself

Although, Accepting gifts might reminiscent of your childhood days, blowing candles, slicing the cake and taking Gifts. However, the gift I’m talking about is different from that one. I’m talking about branded gift cards which can cut a lot of expenditures on food, apparels, and movies. You can opt for gift cards instead of using a credit card. Download and install smartphone applications like Google rewards, Swagbucks, Prizerebel and many more to receive gift cards for free.

Take a Freelance Job

Consider taking a freelance job which could bring in decent cash. Register for free on one of the freelance websites for beginners. The coolest thing of these freelance jobs is immense flexibility in the sense of job acquisition, completion, and payment. And above all, you don’t need much experience to acquire your first project.

Sell Your Notes

For a student, notes are a boon. These notes can be crucial to expedite learning and a quick revision at the eleventh hour. After the exam, those notes might be just a piece of paper. But, you can prefer to sell notes on websites like Nexus Notes, Stuvia, and Campus Shift (A notes marketplace). Register for free on these websites and start selling your notes for a cash reward.

Redesign Brain Pattern

Redesigning your brain pattern could be the first and foremost strategy to eschew debt. Changing your shopping habits, controlling your expenses and smart spending decisions can be a game changer. Alternatives such as cash wallet, a debit card will indeed make a lot of difference.


Being in debt can be psychologically devastating and can put a lot of stress on student’s well-being. Leveraging this 5 point strategy and eliminating credit card usage could be the only way out. Happily there are numerous ways which exemplify obtaining free money

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