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5 great ways to grow your business online

A strong online presence is essential for growing any business.

There are multiple ways to develop your business online, but it’s sometimes tricky sifting the wheat from the chaff.

Fear not — here are five of the best.

  • Know your audience

It’s crucial that you have a sound knowledge of your audience so that you can target your efforts.   

Begin by identifying their demographic characteristics such as age, gender, and location. Then dig deeper by researching their online habits, such a social media use.

The more specific you are in defining your target audience, the easier it’ll be to exercise precise online marketing.

  • Content

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To keep your audience engaged and attract new customers, you need to create regular, high-quality content.

Your content should also be personalized and created primarily for your target audience, not your business — use it to position your blog, social media streams or website as reliable information sources customers turn to when they want creative solutions to tricky problems.

For further info on personalized content,  find out more about digital marketing trends from

  • Social media

If you want to have a strong online presence, you’ll need to use social media.

And there are many channels, so you need to work out which ones your audience prefers.

Social media is a great place to publish your content and build up a community of followers — if approached discerningly, there’s potential for your audience to increase rapidly.

Whilst social media is important, it shouldn’t be your number one method for attracting leads because your primary goal is to direct people to your website, so social is simply a vehicle to deliver them there.

  • User-friendly website

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Any business that wants to thrive online needs a website and for most internet users, it’s a reliable indicator of the trustworthiness of a brand.

But a website alone is not enough —it needs to be high-spec and top of the search engines to attract maximum traffic.

So design your website so that it’s customer-centric, think about what they want from you and make it intuitive and accessible.

Maintaining your website’s position is an ongoing job which requires in-depth expertise, so if you don’t have this in-house, check out Attercopia to learn how an expert agency delivers effective web design.

  • Digital marketing strategy

A carefully developed digital marketing strategy underpins all of the above tactics.  

This isn’t as challenging as it sounds — simply defines goals and decide which digital media tactics help you score them.

Aligning your digital strategy with your business goals provides direction and useful metrics to measure your progress against.

Still not sure where to start? check out this five-step plan for creating a digital strategy from the Digital Marketing Institute.

Follow these five tips and your business will grow from strength to strength in the digital domain.

How else can you grow your business online? Share your ideas in the comments section.