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5 Bedroom Upgrades for Quality Sleep

You need good sleep in order to endure high levels of stress during the day. Not getting enough sleep will drastically affect your energy levels, mood, and overall performance. It even increases the risk of vehicle accidents which is funny since we spend more time sleeping than driving.

However, there are a few hacks you can try out in your bedroom to improve the quality of your sleep. These include temperature, external lights, noise, and furniture arrangement.

1. Have a King-Worthy Bed

Before we go into cosmetics, the first and foremost thing is the bed. Buying a high-quality bed is the first thing you should do, including the bedding, mattress, pillows, and frame. Out of all the factors, this is the one that can cause direct physical damage.

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A poor mattress can increase back pain, shoulder pain, and cause stiffness. Correlated studies in this matter showed the link between sleep deprivation, back pain, and mattress quality. A new mattress has shown to improve sleep quality by 60%.

When choosing the right bed, go for the anatomical pillow. Also, according to Reverie, adjustable bed bases can help you wake up feeling more rested. Consider memory foam or other lasting materials that won’t lose their shape after some time. A weighted blanket can be of extra help as it reduces anxiety and restlessness by putting light pressure on you when you sleep.

2. Ward off Noise

Many of us who live in cities have already become habituated to noise and don’t have problems falling asleep in a noisy environment. But cities are unpredictable, and there is usually noise we are not accustomed to.

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When you’re asleep, you may not be conscious of the noise but it will nevertheless arouse you from the deeper stages of sleep. Studies conducted in this regard have shown that interrupted sleep is far worse than lack of sleep.

Neutralizing various noises with a white noise machine or a fan, having a radio or television on has proven to be beneficial in all cases. White noise machines have soothing frequencies which mask other startling sounds. Pink noise machines provide a good solution as well, as these devices emit high and low frequencies which regulate brainwaves and help preserve deep sleep.

3. Eliminate Light

Our bodies are programmed to wake up to sunlight. However, nights are not as dark as they were, and many of the electronic devices produce the same blue light as the sun. This suppresses melatonin, the hormone that induces sleep, which naturally wakes up your system.

Having good blackout curtains would be the first step to fending off the light and helping your body regulate its circadian rhythms.

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But there is another hack for artificial indoor lights. Usually, light bulbs produce blue light which keeps you awake. Changing them for amber, or Edison light bulbs should counteract this effect as they produce a warm color which creates sleep-inducing ambient.

4. Level Out Temperature

Balancing room temperature is another step closer to an ideal sleep environment. This is of help because your body won’t have to do anything to cool down or create heat. Otherwise, too much heat and your body become restless, if it’s too cold, it becomes harder to fall asleep.

The optimal room temperature should be around 60-67 degrees Fahrenheit, so try investing in a smart thermostat to keep you comfortable throughout the night.

5. Clear the Air

Both literally and figuratively, cleaning and decluttering your bedroom and simply purifying the air will help filter the air and any bad smells. This is least thought about when improving your sleep, but polluted air can affect the quality of your sleep just as well.

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Consider buying air purifiers or changing your ventilation filters with HEPA filters, which have the highest MERV rating and have proven to be the best solution for fighting off pollutants, pet dander, pollen, and other allergens.

Some air fresheners can do you good as well by blocking out any bad smells which can bring further subconscious discomfort.

Indulge yourself in these commodities and see how quickly your sleep will improve and with it, your overall life quality. Besides the aforementioned hacks in this article, you can visit for more tips on how to boost your sleep quality.