3 Ways To Keep Your Teenager Healthy

In today’s world filled with toxic ingredients and environments, it can be quite difficult for parents to keep their teenager healthy. But with a little effort and education, parents can ensure that their child gets their life started on the right foot. Here are four important factors to consider when addressing your teens health:
  1. Exercise

While it goes without saying that every child should exercise, unfortunately many are not getting enough. Because so many kids are now spending so much of their time looking at a screen, they are not outside playing as much as they used to be.

Every child needs at least 30 to 45 minutes a day of rigorous exercise. Its important that not only do they break a sweat, but that they also exert themselves to the point of exhaustion. This will help them pump oxygen into the brain which helps to release endorphins while at the same time releasing any pent up energy which can help alleviate stress and anxiety.

  1. Nutrition

One of the biggest challenges parents face is getting their teen to understand the importance of eating a healthy diet. Because so many fast food companies market to teenagers, it can be difficult for parents to get their kids to consume a healthy diet.

However, if you want your teen to be able to think clearly and do well in school, its critical that you get them to eat the right foods. Otherwise, not only can they end up overweight, but their brain may begin to work sluggish effecting their ability to get good grades in their classes.

  1. Habits

A very important lesson you can teach your child is how to develop good habits. Getting a teenager to understand that all the small choices they make on a daily basis is essential if you want them to learn how to become a responsible and healthy young adult.

“Becoming self motivated and learning how to follow through on day to day commitments is critical for every teenager to learn” says Sam Miller, a counselor and teen therapy provider. “Very often I see parents having a hard time with their adult children mostly because they did not teach them how to develop a healthy set of habits. This can cause serious harm because once someone learns bad habits or becomes lazy, it gets harder to fix as they become older once they are set in their ways.”


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