4 Unique Church Stage Designs You Should Definitely Follow

Most people are engaged in religious communities. This is their way of communicating to the Highest to praise for guidance and gratitude. These communities find their own ways of housing their people. The atmosphere of the church is a big factor in establishing an effective means of worship. Housing your people with a place they can concentrate and find peace. Besides, Sabbath happens just once or twice a week.

To give you inspiration, here are 4 unique church stage designs that you should definitely follow!

The Space of Sabbath

The Space of Sabbath gives a dim and solemn aura. The acoustics, lighting, and user considerations are highly prioritized with the staging of the church. But what mattered the most, is how all the elements were put together. The stage design is very linear and distinct. They didn’t require spotlights to highlight the speakers. They just supplemented the stage with complementary lighting.

On the image above, you will notice how the cross is highlighted even without the spotlight. The lighting is dim yet the shade of purple gave it a modern look. They didn’t use grand lighting fixtures such as chandeliers. The large pendant lights alone helped in achieving peaceful aura. The purple lighting symbolizes royalty which is common in most church linens and covers. It is proof of faith to the Highest by his children building a larger and better religious community.

The acoustics are placed accordingly to cover the whole area. This allows the sound to resonate even if the church will cater 300 to 400 people. You will really feel the harmony between the speaker and the people. The stage design envelopes the people it will cater to. It is designed to draw attention and focus on what is being done in front.

The Country Touch

The Country Touch establishes a warm atmosphere perfect for relieving stress and worries during worship. This church stage design is filled with sepia-toned elements. These elements gave the set a whole new relaxing atmosphere for the people. They utilized soft materials rather than rusty ones to create a warm atmosphere. This will give the people the ideal sacred ambiance to focus on communicating with God.

The lighting design increased the aesthetic value of the stage. It is very simple considering they utilized minimalist chandeliers for the complementary lights. The cross is highlighted with LED strip lights drawing the attention of people in front. With the number of lights used, the stage isn’t too dark and too bright either. It’s just the right amount of light. The ambiance built is very cozy and solemn. It’s the best place for prayers of gratitude and guidance. Check out for the LED strip lights used in this design.

They placed a large projector screen each on every side to give the guests a better view. This is also effective for responses, prayers, and images they want the people to see. Modern churches install this for the people to keep up with the program every worship. This great design for a church stage provides a refreshing feeling for the guests as they pray.

The House of Blessings

The House of Blessings is an amazing way to design your church stage. It’s all about the blending of lights and shadows. The design is simple yet look at how it brings life to the cross in the middle. The practice of symmetry is perfect for church worships. It may seem simple but the effects are stunning to look at. You can feel the solemnity of the place with the lights and stage design.

The design achieved by The House of Blessings is very direct. Some stage designs these days can be vague and misleading with all the accessories. But with this design, the lighting brought the whole place to life. They used up lighting and down-lighting to blend the purple and yellow colors. They have their way of coming up with a warm atmosphere that will keep the program sacred.

What we loved about it the most is how the stage captures the attention of the guests. How can a stage design this simple can build a solemn ambiance? The design of the stage allows the church to reveal an interesting statement to its people. It doesn’t necessarily need to be grand but it has to be intimate.

The Solemnity of Prayers

The color violet is one of the most common colors used in church designs. The Solemnity of Prayers is one of the best stage designs rocking different shades of violet and blue. It builds a sacred atmosphere best for prayers and worship. It would be the best place to house the programs of religious communities. Among the different shades of violet, the cross stands out the most. It has the brightest shade of them all. It became the peak of the blending of blue and violet. 

The stage is elevated giving people a clear view of the speakers. This is an easier way of drawing attention to the stage. There is symmetry in the stage design making the acoustics and lighting balanced. The lighting gave a dramatic look to the stage. It brought the details to life


In designing your church, you have to consider the impact of ambiance among people. Give them the worship experience of finding their inner peace through effective communication to the Highest. How can you keep the sacredness of worship? What is the closest thing to experiencing God from within? We go to church every Sabbath because this is the only time they get to find inner peace. The design of the stage is a way to maintain the sacredness of the mass.