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3 Predictions for IG Shopping and the Future of Ecommerce on Instagram

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Instagram is now supposed to make a shopping application with the name IG Shopping. But there is a question that what could be the future of E-commerce in such a separate app for shopping.  There are almost above than 25 million Instagram business accounts and there are above 2 million advertisers.

Continuously Instagram is evolving new features, and experimenting unique ways for enhancing the business value which the businesses can generate from Instagram. In June 2018, Instagram had unveiled its latest standalone application with the name IGTV which is a vertical video platform which seemed to be a challenge for YouTube and is positioned to be as a long-form video hub that was mainly launched to focus the creators and not on search-based content.

After it, two months later a report was published by the verge that is been in the process of development of a standalone application which was only dedicated to shopping. Below mentioned are three predictions which are made regarding the impact on e-commerce on Instagram because of IG Shopping:

  • Increasing Conversions

It has been noted by Verge that the shopping app which is now being in the development by Instagram would be named as IG Shopping. The Instagram followers would be allowed to browse for the collection of products from merchants through this application whom they could purchase and follow directions with the help of this app. Instagram is going to be in continuous growth by adopting several features from different platforms like the Snapchat stories or the collection button which was just inspired by the Pinterest. The other thing which Instagram is going to do is find a way to strap up the purchasing power of the e-commerce bodies like Amazon and Shopify.

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  • More intent to purchase and less in-feed Instagram organic reach

In the past few years, the organic page reach of the Facebook has been plummeting and due to this, marketers are under pressure for the paid posts of Facebook and to move the organic only contents towards Instagram. It’s simple that if the IG shopping installed is opened up on the mobile phones then similar approach would be taken by the Instagram to encourage brands for promotion of the using of this application and the only reason for which a brand would select to use IG shipping would be to take hold of eyes from the purchasers who really which to make purchase rather than to intercept them in the routine feeds.

  • Enhanced sales opportunities

It is an assumption that IG shopping is going to require for a business account for posting and there are a lot of influencers who already have those accounts, e-commerce platforms like Shopify should not be sure about the things could be made smoother for the influencers and the DIYers who are now using the platform. If IG shopping the coming days uncovers itself to be a highly integrated e-commerce platform without even requiring a separate entity to function on, it would certainly get the business out of the other platforms.

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