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26 of the Craziest Watercraft Which Will Definitely Surprise You

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If you think you’ve seen it all, think again! Here are some of the craziest watercraft which will definitely surprise you. Some of them are very creative while the others are pretty much weird.

26. The Schiller Water Bike

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Although it looks more like a bike than a boat, it floats at high speeds. The Schiller Water Bike comes with twin oscillating propellers mounted on specially-designed reaction arms, which enable responsive steering. You can get it for only $6,495.

25. The Zipper Boat


The Zipper Boat was recently released at the Setouchi International Arts Festival. It is made by Yasuhiro Suzuki, a Japanese artist. This new taxi boat design will operate from Takamatsu to Megijima in Kahawa.

24. The ‘HotTug’ Hot Tub Boat

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If you want a slow float, this is the perfect watercraft for you. It was created by a Swedish Company and is a very unique vessel. You can enjoy a slow float down Amsterdam all year round.

23. Earth Race Biodiesel Boat

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The Pete Bethune’s Earthrace trimaran boat runs on biodiesel. This was the vessel which recently set a new world record by circling the globe in 60 days and 23 hours.

22. The Sebago Shoe Boat

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This boat is quite weird and it was definitely created to promote the link between show companies and life on the water.

21. ’67 Corvette Stingray Jet Boat

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This amazing creation is quite new and there is not much info known about it.

20. The Exburry Egg

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This vessel was designed by Stephen Turner and it is a humble home/boat which allows a person to live on the water.

19. The Ever Sinking Boat

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This crazy watercraft was created by Julian Berthier and no one can say that it’s not unique.

18. The Proteus Catamaran

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This 100-foot long catamaran is equipped with two 355 hp diesel engines. It can reach a top speed of 112 km/h. It can be piloted by two crew members in the compartment.

17. The Jet Capsule

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This is not only a strange but also one of the most useful watercraft in this list. It is 25 feet long and provides seating for eight. There is also a toilet, teak flooring, a bedroom conversion, and a diving platform.

16. Hot Dog Boat

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This is a rather weird vessel which was seen on Lake Michigan. In fact, Phil Hellmuth, the poker legend, was seen riding this giant hot dog boat.

15. The Quatrefoil

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This vessel cruises at 20 knots and it uses power steering to work. It is an unsinkable watercraft whose price starts at $18,570.

14. The Cosmic Muffin

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This exotic houseboat was created for four years by the Fort Lauderdale Realtor and pilot Kenneth W. London. This vessel used to be Howard Hughes’ prized Boeing B-307.

13. The Planet Solar Boat

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The Planet Solar Boat is the world’s largest solar-powered boat and has won the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize. It is made with an aim to raise public awareness about the reality and complexity of climatic change.

12. The Ego Sub

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The Ego Sub is a submarine, which can take you on underwater travels. It was built by South Korean company Raonhaje.

11. The Nautilimo

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This watercraft is powered by a 100 hp Yamaha engine and can carry 1-6 passengers on the waters of Florida Bay.

10. The Floating Man Chair

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This seems like a rather lazy designed vessel which brings creativity to a different level. We don’t know if we feel more jealous or confused.

9. Hydros-X

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Probably the coolest watercraft on this list, the Hydros-X uses a pair of 35 hp engines and can reach up to 30 knots.

8. LifeSize Model Kit Boat

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Michael Johansson, a Swedish artist was the creator of this watercraft. He has made it from a real boat and related equipment.

7. The Guitar Boat

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This is a huge guitar boat which has it all. Josh Pyke, a Sydney singer created this vessel based on the exact specifications of his Maton acoustic guitar.

6. The Sea Breacher-X

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This watercraft was co-created and now driven by Rob Innes. It is the ultimate millionaire’s boy-toy which can dive underwater. It can reach a top speed of 50mph and can jump 12ft from the surface.

5. Wooden Ferarri Boat

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Yes, you’ve read that right! This vessel was crafted by Livio De Marchi and it’s a replica of a Ferrari F50. Plus, it features a Yamaha boat engine.

4. The Origami Paper Boat

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Frank Boelter designed this 9-meter vessel from ‘Tetrapack’. The boat is 30 feet long and weighs 55 pounds. Frank constructed it for only two hours and used a 170-square-meter piece of Tetrapack paper. You can get it for only £110.

3. The Strand Craft V-8 Wet Rod

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This mini speedboat can reach a top speed of 65 mph and starts at a price of $49,000. It featured a 300 HP 5.7-liter V8 which propels this 16′ long boat of carbon fiber.

2. The Tu-Fin Elliptical Boat

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This 26-foot boat is a walking exercise machine, which makes it possible to walk on water. It was designed for a student competition by talented German designers.

1. The Hamster wheel Boat

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This crazy vessel was built by Chris Todd, a British engineer. It is powered by human energy using steel paddles lined with metal mesh.

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