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25 Astonishing RC Jets

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First things first, if you don’t know what an RC Jet is, it’s a radio-controlled jet. So it is basically a toy for bigger kids, or should we say adults who like to play with big toy planes.

RC Jets are super cool, and they can be a lot of fun. There are many models out there and you can make yourself one if you have the skills, or you can buy one for a reasonable price.

We are going to share with you some of the most interesting RC Jets out there, so you can maybe get inspired and make one for yourself or buy one for yourself.

1. Airbus 400M

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This jet is pretty big, it’s gigantic and the details on this one are unbelievable. The side doors open fully and you can see the interior. This jet looks like a real-life airbus, but it is all-electric so it is very easy to use. The best part about this jet is that you can find similar ones for only $200-$300 online.

2. B-17 Flying FortressRC Military Aircraft

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Another jet that you can buy for about $300. But this one is a little bit bigger than the ones you can find online, it’s 19 feet long. It looks like the real thing and it also performs very similarly to the real thing. And if you want to have the same model as this one, you will need to pay double to get it, around $600.

3. RC BVM Bandit

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One of the fastest jets on our list, it has RC turbine jets and it can achieve up to 250 mph. That’s pretty fast. And the best thing is that it is not that pricy, it cost just around $300.

4. BVM Kingcat

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This jet is huge and it has great details, everything is so beautiful. It even has his own pilot! Okay, it’s a doll, but look at it, it looks so real. If you want to have something like this you will have to search the Internet, but when you find it, it will not cost you that much, just a couple hundred dollars.

5. RC T-33 Trainer

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This jet looks like the real McCoy, the color is perfect and even the landing gear looks exactly like the real thing. This one runs on kerosene, it’s not electric, but it can fly for a long time.

6. F-16 Fighter RC Military Aircraft

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This is one of the bigger jets on this list, it’s pretty huge. It performs great and it looks unbelievable. If you want to have something like this you can for just around $300, but if you want to have the same as this one you will have to pay between $600 and $700.

7. R/C Turbine Jet

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This is one beautiful jet. And the most interesting thing about this jet is the colored smoke trails that it leaves when it flies.

8. Northrop Grumman Rq-4 Global Hawk

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This one, the Northrop Grumman Rq-4 Global Hawk is, in fact, a surveillance aircraft and it is unmanned. It has a pretty similar use as the Lockheed U-2.

9. F-22 Raptor RC Military Aircraft

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This RC is, in fact, a military aircraft and it is so powerful. Everyone loves them and everyone respects them. But don’t get fooled this one can’t conduct a ground attack, wage electronic warfare, or gain signal intelligence, but it is still cool. And it is a bit pricy, if you want to have it you need to pay at least $500.

10. F-35 Lightning RC Military Aircraft

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This RC can perform whatever you want, it can dive, it can role and it looks astonishing. If you want to have it you will have to pay around $400 for one.

11. RC Firebird Turbine

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This RC is so cool, it is covered in green paint with purple flames and wings, but that’s not all. The paint changes color depending on the angle you see it. It is so special, and the price of it is too. It costs around $15,000. So yeah, this is not your average RC jet.

12. RC M346 Italian Fighter

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This RC jet is modeled after the jet trainer for Italian combat pilots. And it looks really beautiful, it has a carbon rod that helps stabilize the wing. And it cost just $180, that’s pretty cheap.

13. Kitten Plane

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Just look at this one, look at it. Isn’t it cute? It is, and it is made specifically to fit a kitten as its pilot. So cute. But of course, you will not fly this plane with a kitten in it.

14. RC Sikorsky Military Helicopter

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And here it is, an RC helicopter. This one is the exact replica of the real thing, and it can fly perfectly. The helicopters are much harder to fly than jets, but it is great when you pull it off.

15. EasyJet

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This beautiful RC Jet is designed by the EasyJet Airline Company Limited, which is a British airline. It looks very modern and astonishing.

16. RC Mil Mi24 Military Helicopter

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This helicopter has a scale of 1:7.6 with a rotor diameter of 98.4 inches. The details are perfect and it can fly very beautifully. It even has weaponry so it looks like a real deal.

17. RC B-25 Mitchell Bomber

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This is one huge aircraft, it one third the size of the real thing. It’s a bit pricy, it cost around $1,500-$3,000. But we guarantee you that it is worth every dollar, you will not regret if you get one.

18. SR-71 RC Military Aircraft

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This aircraft has a real turbine engine and it flies beautifully. It has a real afterburner effect, but the afterburners are not real. It costs around $800.

19. RC Sukhoi Su-30 Fighter

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This model is made in 1:6.5 scale and it has vector thrust control, which gives it added speed. It can roll, loop, and make sharp turns. And it cost around $600.

20. MQ 9 Reaper Drone

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This jet RC MQ 9 Reaper Drone is a replica of the original thing. But the sad thing is that the manufacturing of it has been discontinued, but there is still hope. You can find one from a private seller.

21. Turbine Glider

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This is a really cool jet and it is equipped with OPUS engines so it can fly really fast.

22. Douglas DC-9-15 Hawaiian Airlines

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This is a replica of an actual Hawaiian Airliners plane, and it is 48″ x 63″.

23. Fairchild SA-227 Metroliner PenAir

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This is a replica of an Alaskan Airliner plane, and it is 59″ x 57″.

24. AXN Floater

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This one is very cool, and a bit funny. Originally it was an AXN Floater, but it broke. So the owner decided to be creative and he fixed the jet with a Mountain Dew bottle. Now it is unique and looks cool.

25. RC B-2 Spirit

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This RC jet is the fastest RC jet in the whole world. And can you imagine how fast can it go? You surely can’t. Why? Because it goes around 744 km/h, or 462 mph. And that is more than fast. It is really lightweight so that’s the reason why it is so fast. It has a turbine engine Behotec 180 and it’s powered by kerosene. And it cost around $5,000 to build it.

So this is the end of our list, the most interesting and best known RC jets in the world.


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