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15 Tanks and Trucks That Went Diving

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Although there are some vehicles that are designed to go underwater besides their ability to drive on public roads (haven’t you watched James Bond?), usually cars don’t mix well with water. And yet that hasn’t prevented these tanks and trucks from diving to the bottom. Check out 15 cool photos of rides found under the water.

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15. Red Sea Tank

Tanks can conquer various different terrains, but the bottom of the ocean is too much for them. This tank is located near a popular diving site close to Aqaba in the Red Sea.

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14. Welsh Wonders

A vintage army truck sunk in Dayhouse Quarry in Wales. The quarry was abandoned at the turn of the century but at least divers have something to explore here.

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13. Scuba Diving Tanks

Usually when you go scuba diving, you expect to see wildlife, bright colors and creatures you can only dream of. Instead, off the coast of County Donegal in Ireland, military vehicles are located under the water. Hold your breath because you will see some WWII rides.

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12. Submerged Snaps

Some vehicles are not as lucky as the other ones and this Land Rover finished submerged. It took years of decaying before fantastic photos are taken.

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11. Brakes or Accelerator Pedal?

How many times has a boating trip gone wrong? Too many times, I am afraid. The owner of this Ford pickup must have mistaken his truck for a kayak.

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10. Mistakes Happen

Floods can be a nasty business and sometimes you cannot do much except watching your vehicle getting drowned. In this case though, the driver attempted to pull out his boat and his car ended up soaked.

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9. Exploring Wrecks

Sometimes divers go deep to explore boat wreckage. That could be interesting since lots of fish can find a hideout. Rarely do the divers explore submerged trucks but the one on the photo was a part of the Zenobia wreck off the coast of Cyprus.


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8. The Truk Lagoon

This site in the Philippines is heaven for drivers and history lovers. Over 40 WWII battleships are located at the sea floor and when they sunk, some of them carried tanks and other military vehicles with them.

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7. Abandoned Quarry

This quarry may not be as exotic and popular as the Truk Lagoon, but a lot of debris can be found here. Located between England and Wales, this site has seen a lot of trucks deliberately sunk by the National Diving Academy to create some kind of a stage for divers to practice.

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6. Classic Cars

Back in the Philippines at the Truk Lagoon, there are a lot of things to be found. Besides ships tanks and war trucks, there is a classic vehicle which could have been a great collector car.

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5. Sunken Treasure

Dutch Springs in Pennsylvania is a great site if you are a beginner diver. Scuba diving is quite popular here and if you decide to uncover the mysteries under the water, you will find a 6×6 truck among other things.

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4. Vintage Fire Truck

This place also has a sunken vintage fire truck! You can take amazing images of this truck as this fellow shows. He appears to be driving it as well!

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3. Brakes

When you try to pull off your boat from your pickup it is important that the pickup is secured and motionless. This truck obviously wasn’t well secured.

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2. Down Below – a Jeep

The Andaman sea floor has a peculiar visitor – a Jeep. How this Jeep ended up here remains a mystery even today. Nevertheless, it is a great attraction for the divers.

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1. Coral Reef

Just off the coast of Vaersanbaii on the Island of Curacao in the Caribbean a military truck is located. Other than that, this is a place filled with coral reefs and the truck seems to like it here.


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