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10 Tricks To Make Your Tent The Comfiest Place On Earth

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Going into nature for some fresh air and no power outlets can be an excellent option for you and your family or friends. From campfire foods to fun camping games, there is nothing sweet like putting away the electronics and stepping into the great outdoors for a few days or weeks.

Therefore, if you are planning a camping trip with your family or friends, you may be worried about balancing home comforts while roughing it in the woods.
So, what’s the trick for comfort?

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Comfort is the key when it comes to camping. However, comfort doesn’t come easy especially when you are still a newbie in this game. So to help all campers, including new and experienced ones, check out these tips. Everything you need to know about camping but was afraid to ask can, therefore, be answered in the following article.

Pitch the tent on a perfect spot

Comfort starts with the position that you place your tent. A flat place will work magic. You won’t feel as though you are falling at night. Also, stay away from rocky areas as they bring nothing but discomfort. You can also do a quick analysis if there are noisy people around you. They will deter you from getting a good night sleep. You should also look out for the amenities. If you use the bathroom at night, pitch the tent near it. This way, you can walk for a short distance to the washrooms.

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Choose a quality sleeping pad

A comfy sleeping pad will make the surface cozy enough to relax. The best ones are the hybrid, foam or inflatable pads. It is for you to pick the convenient sleeping pad for your night. The inflatable pillow is an excellent pick. It will give you all the comfort you desire away from your usual bedroom.

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Keep it clean

A dirty tent actually does not give you the best camping experience. Shoes make the tent untidy and unfit for sleeping. If you have gone camping in a large group of friends or family, you can request everyone to leave their shoes outside. Then, have a shoe basket to keep them safe. With the boots outside, and will not be brought inside your tend. This gives space for more space and clean air. The tent floor will then be sparkling clean.

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Keep the tent warm

At night, the cold tends to creep in. If you are cold, you will not get a wink of sleep. All you can do is toss and turn. As a result, you need warmth to feel great. You can improvise with a bottle of water. Fill it with hot water and put inside your sleeping place. The ideal place for set up is near the legs because that is where the cold comes from. You will feel toasty as you drift to slumber. Make sure to seal the bottle really tight. That will keep you safe. You don’t want to wake up with burns and pain.

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Light up the place

Illuminating your tent keeps the feeling of fear away. This will ease your mind as you camp. A great idea is to get solar lights. They are not too bright for the eyes. They are also affordable. You can get as many as possible to make them last for days. It will also give you enough light as you go to the washrooms. If you have kids, you can hang the solar lights so that they can be happy and go to sleep. All the worry will be drained away with proper lighting.

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Make pillows

Plenty of pillows will make you comfortable as you sit or sleep. You can be creative and make them on your own. You can use your jacket to make one. Using a stuff sack, you can insert the fluffy jacket inside with other clothes. This will create a beautiful, soft pillow. You can use it for your neck, back, and shoulders. The pads will give you a warm and cozy feel through the night. Inflatable pillows can also work because they won’t take up any space.

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Keep the sunlight away

The worst way to be woken up is by sunlight rays on your face. You can carry an extra blanket and place it on top of the tent. The tent will have minimal light reaching it in the morning. If you intend to sleep in, then you should covet the tent. A white cover is perfect. It will work well by reflecting the sun away. You can then sleep all you want.

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Carry enough blankets or duvets

Sleeping items will do you some justice. It tends to get cold during the wee hours of the night. The blankets will offer you great warmth. You can also convert some into beddings or pillows. Duvets are more soft and comfortable than rugs. They should be your priority on the list.

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Zip up your tent tightly

Some campsites have mosquitoes and other insects. You need to zip it well to keep them off. You should also use a wax candle so that the zip doesn’t get damaged. Rubbing some wax on it disentangles the zippers. You will feel secure from all the insects that might come biting. The major one being mosquitoes.

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Get some earplugs

Noises at night can be disturbing as you try to catch some sleep. Ear plugs block the sounds that are around you. It can be from other people next to you or the trees. If you are near a water body, then the noise is at the peak. You need earplugs to calm the voices in your ears. Then, you can be able to sleep soundly.

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According to Outdoor Spider, the comfiest tent has all the necessary stuff to get cozy. You can feel as though you never left home. It should be just another home away from your home. Great moments with your loved ones call for warmth and comfort. With the tricks above, no more worries about balancing your comping comforts while roughing it away from home. Enjoy the outdoors without losing your mind or comfort.

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