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10 Signs A Girl Likes You

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Every guy on this planet would like to know when a girl likes him. The problem is that girls don’t show their feelings so often. Some girls like to play games, and other show you micro-signals that you don’t know how to decipher. You don’t need to torture yourself anymore, because we are here to help you. Here are 10 signs a girl secretly likes you.

1. She is super friendly with you

It is true that if a girl smiles at you it can mean nothing, maybe she’s just polite. But if she smiles every time she’s around you and every time she looks at you, that’s probably because she likes you. Girls don’t smile at men all the time if they don’t like them. She’s probably trying to tell you that she’s interested in you and she wants you to ask her on a date, or just start a conversation with her.

2. Her body language invites you

If you want to decipher girls signals, you must learn how to read her body language. If she’s not interested in you, she will show you, and if she is interested in you she will show you that as well. Maybe in a subtle way or not that subtle. If she is avoiding you, always looking at her phone, if she doesn’t look you in the eyes, she’s definitely not into you. But if she looks you straight in the eyes, if she’s relaxed when talking to you, that means she feels comfortable talking to you.

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3. She’s always looking for you when entering a room

If you are lucky enough to work with a girl you like or go to places she goes too, you can notice if she’s always looking for you when entering a room.  If she feels happy when she sees you, be sure she likes you.

4. You can easily make her laugh

Maybe you’re a funny guy, and everyone laughs at your jokes, but if a girl laughs at everything you say, that means something. It means she’s trying to get your attention by laughing even at your not that bright jokes.

5. She likes to be close to you

This doesn’t mean that a girl that likes you will touch you non stop. But it means she will try to find an appropriate situation where she can slightly touch you. She will definitely hug you when she sees you, or she will hug you to say goodbye.

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6. She will communicate to you through social media

We are living in a world where everyone has social media accounts. But girls nowadays are very choosy when it comes to adding other people on social media. Also, girls nowadays are very ignorant about other peoples post on social media, and they only care about their posts. If she adds you on a social media, and likes your photos, comment on your posts, she wants you to do the same. And by that, she wants to communicate with you in real life too.

7. You make her blush

You can’t control blushing, even if you want to. This is a great sign that a girl is attracted to you. If she blushes when she’s near you, you can bet it’s for a good reason. You don’t need to thank us for this, thank the nervous system.

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8. She will discreetly tell you that she is single

If you want to know the easiest way on how to figure out if a girl is interested in you, then this is the one. People don’t often talk about their personal life to someone they don’t know well, so if a girl points out to you that she is single, or even openly talk about it, she likes you. It’s that simple.

9. Her texts come lightning fast

Everyone is on their phones all the time, and every girl is on her phone all the time. You know it from your example, you probably don’t reply to people you don’t like, or even if you reply, you do it with some simple texts. The same is with girls, if she’s into you she will gladly reply to your text with a speed of lighting.

10. Talking to other girls makes her jealous

First thing first, jealousy is not a good thing. You don’t need an overly attached girl, that is trying to scare other girls from you. But in the beginning, if you notice that she is slightly jealous when you talk to other girls it can be cute. And it can mean that she is attracted to you and want’s you only for herself.

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