10 Most Common Flexible Metal Hose Applications

Today there are many types of metal hoses available in the market. Each of these metal hoses has its own unique applications. However, there are some situations that a solid metal or plastic metal hose cannot offer much-needed functionality. This is where flexible metal hoses come in. These metals actually have combined features that make them serve the purpose that ordinary metal hoses could perform and at the same time offer the same flexibility that plastic hoses could offer.

One of the questions we usually get is when flexible metal hoses should be used and what their main applications are. Today, we are going to state the ten most common applications of this type of metal hose. In most of the cases, metal hoses are used when no other type of hose can be used. This means they should be used as the last resort. The decision on what type of hose to use will depend on the application you intend to use it on.

Transporting steam and other hot solutions

Flexible metal hoses are able to endure temperature extremes whether extreme cold or extreme hotness. This is the reason why it’s considered in temperature extremes. So if the temperatures of the media you want to pass are extreme or even the temperatures of the areas you are going to pass this media are extreme, you should consider flexible metal hoses.

Transporting chemicals

The second application of this type of metal hose is the transport of chemicals. The fact is that flexible metal hoses can handle a wide variety of chemicals. If you are thinking that the hoses will be exposed to aggressive chemicals whether internally or externally, consider flexible metal hoses. These metals exhibit extreme resistance and will not be easily corroded by any of these chemicals.

Transporting gas

Plastic and many other types of hoses raise permeation concerns. This is the ability of the gas to escape to the atmosphere through the walls of the hoses. The best decision to take in this case is to consider flexible metal hoses for transporting gases. The main reason being metal hoses don’t allow permeation but only when they are fabricated the right way.

Moving chemicals, water, gas or other solutions in areas with high catastrophic risks

Many companies will also consider this type of metal hoses for transporting chemicals, petroleum, gases, and many other substances in high-risk areas. The main reason is that these metal hoses are strong, possess other features such as corrosion resistance, and can expand and contract even on areas that have large cracks. If a sudden catastrophic even occurs unexpectedly, there will be fewer worries.

Abrasion and over bending apprehensions

If you have wanted to reduce cases of abrasion and over bending, then flexible metal hoses are your perfect match. With that in mind, it’s supposed to reduce any risks of such worries.

To reduce fire anxieties

Many types of hoses that companies and individuals previously used pose the risk of fire. In most instances, these hoses will melt when they are exposed to the fire which is not the case with flexible metal hoses.

In areas that require little maintenance

The use of metal hoses is advantageous in areas that require little maintenance. While many hoses will collapse with time and reduce the size of the vacuum, flexible metal hoses will maintain a full vacuum for a long time. They are stronger and also have the ability to handle a full spectrum.

Use in the Petroleum industry

In the Petroleum industry, metal hoses are used for connections on cracking units. It is also used in gas and oil burners because it can withstand extreme heat. It’s also very easy to find them used in petroleum transportation from the tank to the station.

Power generation industry

Flexible metal hoses are found in many areas, especially those that employ steam or combustion. In this case, they are used to counter the effects of temperatures and also to transport fuel and heated air. You are likely to find them also in vehicles and other big machines. Usually, a bulk metal needed for projects like this come from metal manufacturers like Aero-Flex.

Use in the heating, ventilation and conditioning systems

These hoses are used in high-rise buildings and in factories. You can easily spot them used as pump connections because they can withstand heat and expansion when in use. They are also perfect because of their corrosion resistance.

Use in the chemical and medical industry

The flexible hose pipes are very strong and can withstand aggressive chemicals which is the reason why they are used to move corrosive solutions such as acids and other chemicals around a laboratory or in other areas. You don’t have to worry about the loss of power due to poor piping because these pipes possess all the needed features