10 Important Things To Know About Hinges Of Glass Shower Doors

Hinges have the smallest of look but they make the biggest of difference. This beautiful piece is one that has contributed largely to the easy installation and rotation of doors. What this means is that both frameless glass shower doors and framed shower glass doors need the hinge for its opening and closing after installation.

What Is A Hinge?

A hinge is a bearing mechanism that helps to connect two solid objects together and allows the angle of rotation between the objects. This very important piece can come in either flexible material or as moving components. Hinge joins doors and frames together meaning without them our glass shower doors can’t be installed.

Types Of Hinges For Glass Shower Doors

There are different types of hinges for glass shower doors. They are as follows:

Spring Hinge

Spring hinge is made for the provision of assistance in the opening and closing of the hinge leaves. It applies force to securing a hinge closed or keep it opened. As the name implies a spring is attached giving it a much better functionality.

Pivot Hinges

This type although an ancient one is referred to as a two-acting floor hinge because it pivots its openings in the floor and the door frame top. It is not expensive and is mostly used for doors with fewer weights.

Barrel Hinge


This hinge has a hollow like shaped cylinder part in which the rotational bearing pressure is applied to the pivot. It comes with a screw-shaped part for fastening and driving the pivot.

Butt Hinges

This sets of hinges are made of stainless steel or brass this is to prevent corrosion (rust). They are connected to doors and frame for smooth opening and closing. They are predominantly used on exterior doors.

Case Hinges

Just like the name, this set of a hinge is built for briefcases and suitcases. They are design-driven and a similarity to a butt hinge. The piano hinge can also be called a continuous hinge. They are produced with or without holes and come in various thicknesses. Knuckle length and diameters. They take the entire length of a door and panel.

Conceal Hinge


This type of hinge is used for doors made with furniture. It can also be called “cup hinge” because they were developed in Europe and uses metric standard for installation. They come in two sections: One is cup and arm and the other is mounting plate.

Butterfly Hinges

These hinges with their different sizes can be used on heavy built doors and the tiniest jewelry box. They are affordable and decorative.

Flag Hinges

This type of hinges is built to suit different doors because of their left and right-hand configuration.

Strap Hinge

This is one hinge that can also be used on different kinds of interior and exterior doors even cabinets. They are one of the hinges that came early into existence.

H Hinge


This uniquely well-designed hinge comes with an h like shape. They are used on mounted doors. With their great look, they can be used on cabinets, passage doors. They also come in various sizes.

Hl Hinge

This hinge can be used on passage doors, doors in the room and closet doors. They can be used alongside the h hinge.

Components Of Hinge

When discussing hinges their component shouldn’t be left out because without them there would be no hinge. Below is the component of the hinge.


The hinge comes with a pin. This pin is a rod that holds the leaves together right inside the knuckle.


Another hinge component is the knuckle. It has a hollow circular portion that creates joint of the hinge for the pin to be set. The knuckles of either leaf substitute with the pin that passes through all of them.


This component extends from the knuckle and then revolves around the pin. They are typically two portions of the leaf.

Important Things To Know About Hinges Of Glass Shower Doors


Glass shower doors with their unique features need a hinge for many reasons and as a result, they are considered as very important hardware.

We shall be taking a look at 10 different importance of this wonderful piece

  1. The hinges on glass shower doors like the frameless glass shower doors are very important because it is a mechanical part of the door that helps in the closing and opening. It has a way of clamping around a cut out in the glass. A door can fully put its weight on a hinge and still opens as many times as possible without having a catastrophic fall.
  2.  Another incredible importance of hinge is that it has a big difference between low quality and a high-quality product.  A quality hinge comes with a unique design and also a superb internal component. On the other hand, the inferior or low-quality type will make a door drop and the result is devastating. So getting the best of result requires a quality purchase.
  3. Another importance is that the hinge can be available in different sizes. The different sizes give room for options when choosing. Nevertheless, these hinges with their various sizes have their shower doors that fit meaning before and during the purchase you have to look out for the size, style, and shape that is in proportion to the door.
  4. Hinges can last for a long time. This is because they are well constructed using brass and stainless steel. They are built by a well improved experienced in-house design team.
  5. Another great importance is that they can easily be swapped. Remodeling or upgrading you needs the hinge to match your style. All you need do is swap the old with the new and get the best result.
  6. Hinges with their unique and decorative look help to add beauty to a door whether frameless glass shower doors or framed glass shower doors. Their well decorative looks stylize any kind of door and make you have fewer worries about decorating the door furthermore.  
  7. Hinges come with a whole number of holes for screws. The higher the number of holes for screwing the stronger a glass door becomes. More holes with screws in them help hold the door firmly.
  8. Hinges have strength. They are more than eight times stronger than their job they have been assigned to. You need not to worry as long the hinge is chosen correctly to match with the door.
  9. Hinges come in their different styles. Some have been built to be able to flip and become either right handed or left handed depending on how you want them placed.
  10. Hinges allow for smooth and free-flowing rotation. With this, you are guaranteed a long lasting solution because the free-flowing rotation will help to make doors like frameless glass shower doors function very well.

In Conclusion

When purchasing a glass shower door of any kind be sure to know the hinge that matches the functionality of your door so as to get the best result. Furthermore, opt for the best quality and not an inferior except you want to keep on wasting money on hinges that won’t last.