10 Best Roller coasters


Roller coasters have become increasingly popular since they provide a lot of adrenaline rush and they are a great way to experience something extraordinary. Some of them are magnificent and provide great views while some are very scary and can make you tremble with fear. Here are some of them.


This roller coaster is located in a town called Sandsky in Ohio, the USA, and it can provide the maximum adrenaline rush and fear at the same time as a roller coaster can. Regarding its height, it is 420 ft high and it provides a magnificent view over the surrounding area. We need to mention that its drop is very sudden and fast and at some points it even reaches 120mph. so, we can say that he outreaches many nowadays cars.



Yet another roller coaster located in King Island, Ohio, the USA, it is a bit shorter since it has only 200 ft and its maximum speed is 80 mph. the most interesting thing about it is the pitch that goes to 70 degrees.



This one is situated in Canada, i.e. in Maple, Ontario, and it is considered to be one of the best in Canada. It is 230 ft high while its maximum speed is 77 mph. however, this is not the best thing about it since it is well-known for its turns and upside-down rides when it seems that it moves even faster than its maximum speed.



Located in Buena Park, California, the USA, it is very famous for its magnificent and scary turns and pitches since it gets to 205 ft height and only 2.3 seconds are needed for it to achieve 82 mph. the craziest things are, of course, it bends, that literally make gravity stop.



Situated in Yamanashi, this is the biggest and scariest roller coaster in Japan since it is 171 ft high and it achieves 107 mph. the scariest thing about it is its acceleration since it has the air-launching. Also, it’s surrounding in the mountain ranges makes it even scarier. When we add the data that only 2 seconds are enough for reaching the top speed, you know that this is the adrenaline maker.



This roller coaster is located in Cedar Point and it when you look at it and see its steel construction, it freezes your bones. When we add the data that its body is constructed on the older construction of a roller coaster made of wood, things get scarier. We need to add that its maximum speed of 80 mph and the biggest drop is 90 degrees.



Located in Abu Dhabi, UAE, the look on the bends and tracks of this roller coaster tells us that it is one of a kind. More precisely, there is no faster roller coaster in the world than this one. This is proved by 150 mph of the top speed of this roller coaster. The purpose of this one to attract tourists, as almost everything that is built in Abu Dhabi.

8. FURY 325


Situated in Charlotte, North Carolina, the USA, this can boast itself for being one of the highest roller coasters in the world since it is 325 ft high and the plunging goes down to 81 degrees while the maximum speed is 95 mph. the splendid view on the top is worth all the fear.



This roller coaster is located in Malopolskie in Poland and is considered to be one of the biggest in Europe since it is 300 high while the lowest drop goes down to 85 degrees. The maximum achieved speed reaches 88 mph. It is also considered to be one of the longest roller coasters in the world since it is 5,000 ft long.



This roller coaster is located in Doswell, Virginia, the USA, and is name speaks of its main characteristic: to intimidate. The highest peak gives the view of the entire surrounding, miles away. As for its height, it is given in its name, i.e. it is 305 ft high. The roller coaster gets up to the maximum of 90 mph, however, its main advantages are bends and twists that take the breath away.

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