General objectives that guide the activities and relationships of one state in its interactions with other states.


Top 3 Google Phones Produced So Far

If you’re on the hunt for the best Google phone around you, then you’ve come to the right place. Google is not widely known for having the best smartphones, but they are known for developing the Android OS, which a lot of smartphones use apart from Apple’s devices. So with all that said, let’s get… Keep Reading


Important Tips To Make Better Pizza At Home

Pizza is the most favorite dish of many people around the world. Every party is incomplete without the addition of delicious cheesy Italian pizza. Not only for eating, but many people enjoy making it at home too! Whether you like cooking or not, you must have once tried your hand on making it at home… Keep Reading


4 Things You Need to Know About Family Law

It’s not quite intended for couples to get married, have children and then get divorced. No one goes with the mindset of marrying someone, saying to themselves “I will divorce in 10 years.” So you can imagine that family law is an area of the law where people have little to no experience in. Family… Keep Reading


Which Type of Hosting is Best for Starters?

There is a diverse range of web hosting packages available which can be availed from different companies, which is some cases make it much difficult to decide on what’s the right host for you. Especially, starters and beginners find it overwhelming. One who just started learning things about websites, blogs, or eCommerce stores can make… Keep Reading


Paper Bags Vs Plastic Bags, Which Is Better?

Since the state of New York banned single-use plastic bags from all retail stores, it’s time to visit everyone’s favorite question – paper bags or plastic bags? The answer to this question is far more complicated than anyone could imagine. While everyone agrees that plastic takes decades to decompose, which can become a nasty problem… Keep Reading


Why is Silicon Valley Tangled with Europe’s Data Privacy?

When the new GDPR regulations were introduced, many businesses mistakenly thought it wouldn’t impact them. Although GDPR is a European law, it does impact international businesses if they are collecting and using data from EU citizens. This means that companies in Silicon Valley are also required to meet the new regulations. Here, we’ll look at… Keep Reading


How to Use the Kanban Board to Become Incredibly Productive

If you are looking for the perfect productivity tool, you won’t find it. No productivity system is guaranteed to effortlessly make you better at realizing your life goals. Nevertheless, there are systems such as Kanban that are easy to learn and use that ensure you don’t easily become overwhelmed by the extensive To-Do lists that… Keep Reading


Blockchain’s Impact on a Global Future

‘Think globally, act locally’ is no longer a phrase reserved for the San Francisco liberal hippie intellectual. More and more millennials are demanding visibility into food sourcing and supply chain transparency, opting to purchase more expensive local and organic items over conventional cost-conscious products. These evolving consumer preferences and the growing maturity of blockchain technology… Keep Reading


The Best Healthy Snacks

Can you imagine a person who doesn’t like snacks? Everyone loves snacks, and they are often times the casualty of weight loss. Namely, it can be hard to give up on snacks we want to lose weight. But what if we tell you that you can lose weight and enjoy snacks at the same time?… Keep Reading

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