FPI Resources: Russia’s Responsibility for the MH-17 Disaster

October 6, 2016

Too little attention was paid last week to an international commission’s report on the July 2014 attack on Malaysian Airlines Flight 17. The Dutch-led Joint Investigation Team provided “irrefutable evidence” that a Russian Buk missile was transported from Russia, fired at the commercial airliner, and then brought back into Russia on the day of the disaster. The investigators did not name names, but described 100 suspects in the incident who may be subject to prosecution.

The Foreign Policy Initiative believes the following resources will be useful for policymakers, lawmakers, and their staffs who are trying to understand the danger posed by Russian aggression, as well as Moscow’s disinformation campaign in response to the incident.

Vladimir Putin’s Outlaw State – Editorial – The New York Times – September 29, 2016

“Russia has tried hard to pin the blame for the airline crash on Ukraine. But the new report, produced by prosecutors from the Netherlands, Australia, Belgium, Malaysia and Ukraine, confirms earlier findings. It uses strict standards of evidence and meticulously documents not only the deployment of the Russian missile system that caused the disaster but also Moscow’s continuing cover-up.”

How MH-17 Gave Birth to the Modern Russian Spin Machine – Ben Nimmo – Foreign Policy – September 29, 2016

“The most disturbing lesson from the MH17 affair is that, so far, at least, while the propaganda efforts have lost Kremlin much of its credibility in the Western world, it has allowed it to remain solidly in charge back home. No one has yet to face justice for the deaths of hundreds of civilians. That is, with MH17, the disinformation machine crossed the Rubicon — and so far, it has worked.”

Vilify and Amplify: How the Kremlin’s Disinformation Machine is Attacking the MH17 Probe – Ben Nimmo – Atlantic Council – September 27, 2016

The Kremlin has turned its disinformation machine on those who are investigating the shoot-down of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 over Ukraine in July of 2014, using state employees, state-run media, and the state-run, though unacknowledged, “troll factory” of fake Internet accounts.

Kremlin Panics after Dutch Report, and It Should – Alexei Sobchenko – Atlantic Council – October 3, 2016

“The report of the Dutch-led investigation team on the shoot down of Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 over eastern Ukraine offered a momentary glimpse into the true nature of the proverbial riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma. Instead of denying any Russian involvement in the death of 298 people in July 2014, a number of official spokespersons, journalists, and bloggers known for their close ties to the Kremlin reacted nervously and with contradictory responses.”

My Brother was Killed in the MH17 Plane Crash - Now I am Fighting to Bring His Russian Killers to Justice – Harry Yorke - The Telegraph – October 4, 2016

"This is just one small step to receiving justice," [victim’s brother Will Mayne] says. "The men that killed Richard must be brought to trial; we have to stand up to Russia. Otherwise the bombings of aid convoys and hospitals in Syria, what happened to MH17, they become meaningless."

Justice for the Victims of Flight MH17 – Alina Polyakova – The American Interest – October 3, 2016

“In the presentation of its findings, the JIT—an international team of police and prosecutors from the Netherlands, Malaysia, Belgium, Australia, and Ukraine—emphasized that these were only preliminary findings. The investigation into identifying who out of the hundred known individuals is going to be named as an official suspect is still ongoing . . . The victims’ families, which have already had to wait for more than two years, may not see justice any time soon.

Audio – Andrew Foxall Speaks to the BBC and Monocle about MH17 Having Been Shot Down by a Russian Missile – Henry Jackson Society – September 28, 2016

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