FPI Board Member William Kristol examines President Obama's foreign policy legacy

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FPI Board Member Eric Edelman examines Erdogan's campaign to undermine democracy in Turkey.

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FPI's Mark Moyar examines the limitations of America's Special Ops forces and the danger of over-relying on them

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FPI's Christopher Griffin examines the situation in Syria following recent U.S. airstrikes

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Overnight Brief

April 26, 2017

White House intervened to toughen letter on Iran Deal

Experts to Senate: Time to rethink the US-Egypt relationship

N. Korea’s special ops forces are numerous, formidable

Josh Rogin: Trump’s Asia team is missing in action

Trump takes selective approach to promoting human rights

Rep. Mac Thornberry: A period of consequences

David Ignatius: Mattis and Trump, the odd couple that works

WSJ: Inside Turkey’s irregular referendum

Turkey strikes Kurdish allies of US in Iraq and Syria

Pakistan looks to reboot relations with United States


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James Kirchick | April 13, 2017

Greece’s government debt crisis has always been about two mutually exclusive propositions.

First is the Greek people’s attachment, much of it sentimental, to eurozone membership, regardless of its economic sense.

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Robert Kagan | April 7, 2017

American missile strikes against Syria are a critical first step toward protecting civilians from the threat of chemical weapons, and President Trump deserves credit...

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James Kirchick | April 6, 2017

If this were any other year, the upcoming federal election in Germany would be like every other German election: humdrum and focused almost exclusively on domestic issues. Despite their country’s size and economic power, Germans resist seeing their nation — or their chancellor — as a potential world leader.


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