FPI's Tzvi Kahn examines the increased tensions between Iran and Saudi Arabia.

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FPI's Chris Griffin and Evan Moore examine what was and was not said on national security at the first debate

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Audio and key quotes from FPI's call on the recent terror attacks and the expansion of homegrown terrorism

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Save the date! The 2016 FPI Forum: An Era of Consequences will be held November 30 at the Newseum in Washington DC.

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Overnight Brief

September 30, 2016

US signed secret doc to lift UN sanctions on Iranian banks

Syria rebels draw closer to al Qaeda-linked group

Senate Democrats losing patience with Obama’s Syria policy

WSJ editorial: Bystanders to genocide in Syria

HofLister, and Cooper, Stein + Taylor on next steps in Syria

Hawijah will be the next battle against ISIS in Iraq

Saudis rethink US alliance, JASTA may be narrowed

WSJ, Lefkowitz, and Hoff on next steps against N. Korea

Carter: US will sharpen military edge in Asia


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Ellen Bork | September 25, 2016

Donald Trump likes dictators and likes to be liked by them. After meeting Egypt's president Abdel Fattah al-Sisi last week, Trump called Sisi "a fantastic guy," gushing, "he took control of Egypt. And he really took control of it."

Tzvi Kahn | September 20, 2016

In recent weeks, the Obama administration has repeatedly argued that legal and pragmatic concerns accounted for its decision to use cash for a $1.7 billion payment to Iran. This claim lacks credibility

Tzvi Kahn | September 14, 2016

For the third time since the Iran nuclear agreement’s implementation, the International Atomic Energy Agency has released a report omitting key information that would enable independent verification of Iranian compliance.


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