FPI's Tzvi Kahn analyzes the Obama administration's key claims in defense of the Iran deal.

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Resources on the implications of the U.K.'s exit from the European Union for transatlantic security.

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FPI's Tzvi Kahn analyzes Tehran's latest imprisonments of Iranian dual nationals.

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Overnight Brief

June 30, 2016

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FPI Analysis: What we know now about Iran’s foreign policy

Rogin: Obama proposes new partnership with Russia in Syria

ISIS routs US-backed Syrian rebels in fresh setback

Size of ISIS force unclear, ISIS leader killed every 3 days

Istanbul attackers identified as Russian, Uzbek, and Kyrgyz

WSJ editorial: Donald Trump’s tariff party

FPI’s Kirchick: What Trump and Brexit supporters have in common

Tory leadership race: Johnson out, May and Gove in

Matthew Kroenig: Asia’s multi-polar nuclear future

Colby, Thomas: Don’t scrap America’s alliances, fix them


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James Kirchick | June 29, 2016

Does last week’s British vote to leave the European Union presage victory for Donald Trump? The presumptive Republican presidential nominee certainly seems to think so. At an auspiciously timed visit to his Scottish golf resort the day after the referendum, Trump told reporters that, like his campaign, “Brexit” shows how “people want to take their country back.”

June 24, 2016

By FPI Policy Intern Jeff Cimmino

President Obama reported last week that Orlando shooter Omar Mateen was inspired by “extremist information that was disseminated over the Internet.”

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James Kirchick | June 24, 2016

To those cheering the British people’s vote to leave the European Union, claiming that the body is a proven “failure,” I have only one question: a failure compared to what?


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