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FPI Policy Director David Adesnik examines the Obama administration's proposed nuclear policy changes

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FPI's Christopher J. Griffin analyzes China's strategy in the South China Sea.

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Overnight Brief

July 27, 2016

Killer of French priest twice arrested for trying to enter Syria

Amateur attacks mark new chapter in ISIS’ war in Europe

German mood shaken as attacks show vulnerability to ISIS

Intelligence consensus grows that Russia hacked the DNC

Turkey increases pressure on US to extradite Gulen

US seeks to steer S. China Sea dispute into calmer waters

Sen. McCain: America ignores Pakistan at its peril

Fontaine: A thaw in the US-New Zealand nuclear freeze

Defense experts discuss candidates’ national security views


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Evan Moore | July 25, 2016

Last week’s Republican Nation Convention in Cleveland was supposed to unify the party and signal to general-election voters that Donald Trump was capable of handling the duties of the presidency. However, his remarks in a wide-ranging interview with the New York Times last week undermined those efforts and added to the concerns many national security-minded voters have with his candidacy.

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James Kirchick | July 18, 2016

The recent release of Sir John Chilcot’s inquiry into the origins of the Iraq War has predictably inspired recriminations about that country’s disintegration into political turmoil and sectarian violence.

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Eric Edelman | July 15, 2016

By FPI Board Member Eric Edelman, Michael Makovsky, and Jonathan Rue

The year since the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) on Iran’s nuclear program was announced has been a strategic windfall for Iran and a disaster for the United States.


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